Dozens of Bnei Yeshivos Receive their Draft Notices for Erev Pesach 5774


idffDozens of 18-year-old bnei yeshivos who have already undergone medical processing in an induction center have over recent days received induction notices for IDF service. They are to report for induction on April 13, 2014, which is 13 Nissan 5774, erev Pesach.

Many of the bochrim and their parents admit that they are more surprised the induction order is dated the morning of the day Am Yisrael does bedikas chametz, questioning the induction a day before Yomtov.

One father interviewed by Ladaat, a resident of Haifa, explains that his son will report as required, for he has no choice, but he adds that from his perspective, what should be learned from this is that the bnei yeshivos should not report for the medical exam and administrative processing as they did in the past.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This article is mis-leading. The 13th is NOT Erev Pesach. The 14th is Erev Pesach. This is the morning of the day when the bedikah is done, but not until NIGHTFALL.

  2. What should be learned from this is listening to our gedolim. Rav Shmuel Auerbach and many others said not to report for the medical exam. Now you might end up imprisoned at least over Pesach and who knows for how long unless you’ll cut your beard and payos and fight alongside women on Yom Tov after all “it’s pekuach nefesh”.