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Joe Hynes Explains His Decision To Re-Launch Campaign For Brooklyn DA

hynesBrooklyn DA is not ready to step down, at least until all of the people in Brooklyn spoke. Defeated Incumbent Charles Hynes is expected to announce the re-launch of his candidacy on the Republican and Conservative lines on Tuesday.

Speaking to The Daily News, Mr. Hynes acknowledged he’s running an uphill battle. Nonetheless, he said he’s convinced it’s the right thing to do at this time.

“Right after Primary Day, I said I would not run unless there were financial resources and a clear path to victory,” said Mr. Hynes. “I didn’t see either at first.”

“Then I started getting inundated with phone calls, texts and emails from supporters from all over Brooklyn urging me to run. I kept hearing that former Brooklyn Democratic Party chairman Clarence Norman — whom I successfully prosecuted for corruption involving selling judgeships — had run the ground operation of the Ken Thompson campaign.”

Hynes was outraged. “Not only is Thompson inexperienced and unqualified to run a district attorney’s office of 1,200 people with over 500 prosecutors responsible for the safety of Brooklyn’s two-and-a-half million people, but a convicted felon was running his campaign. And lying about it. I don’t think the people of Brooklyn want a DA who is beholden to a corrupt, machine boss ex-con.”

Amid these revelations, Mr. Hynes said he’ll not sit back without returning a real old-fashioned Brooklyn fight.

“We can raise enough money for a competitive campaign,” Mr. Hynes expressed his hope. “We also believe we can keep 50% of the people who voted for me on Primary Day. Less than 18% of Democrats voted in the primary. That means 82% of Democrats didn’t vote yet. We believe we can get a lot of those voters, especially from Southern Brooklyn.”

“With a new influx of campaign money, it’ll be an uphill battle, but we can see a path to victory,” he added.

“I want all of Brooklyn to have a chance to decide. Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, progressives and independents should have a chance to decide who their district attorney should be for the next four years. If we run our operation right, I really think we can win,” Mr. Hynes concluded.

“It’s sad that Mr. Hynes refuses to accept the will of the people, as he repeatedly pledged to do last month,” Ken Thompson spokesman James Freedland told The Daily News. “We look forward to a clear contrast between Democrat Ken Thompson and Republican Joe Hynes, who has lied to the public so that he can run with Joe Lhota and the Tea Party forces in the Republican Party who have shut down the government.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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