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UPDATE: Prague Getaway– Join Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky & Rabbi Doniel Baron – November 13-17, 2013


The perfect Getaway vacation in one of Central Europe’s most beautiful cities! With its rich Jewish history and beautiful sites, Prague is the perfect setting for this inspiring, enchanting, and rejuvenating Getaway led by world-renowned educators Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky and Rabbi Doniel Baron. Rabbi Orlofsky’s riveting lectures, down-to-earth personality and humor is the perfect match for Rabbi Baron who will guide us through Prague’s famous sites and captivate us with fascinating Jewish historical insights. During this Getaway you’ll be treated to stimulating lectures and informal discussions, touring Prague’s breathtaking sites, experiencing Prague’s ancient Jewish quarter, visiting the famous Theresienstadt – the “model” concentration camp, davening at the kevarim of the Maharal and Kli Yakar, enjoy fresh and delicious gourmet Kosher L’Mehadrin meals, 4 star hotel, spend must-needed downtime time with friends! And then there’s Shabbos…Shabbos in Prague is an awe-inspiring experience that you will not want to miss! Walking into the over 600 year old Maharal-Altenu Shul during Kabbalas Shabbos and hearing the tefillos and lecha dodi echo through the thick ancient walls is a one-of-a-kind moment you will never forget! Our hotel is only a few blocks to the Jewish Quarter, Prague’s historic Old Town and great shopping centers. Motzei Shabbos includes a special Melava Malka program with a powerful and moving siyum as a finale for this unforgettable Getaway!


People who are planning to join this getaway are looking into flights. Please contact our office to coordinate arrival times. Contact Nesivos/Jewish Legacy Tours: In the US: 718-407-4447 /  In Israel: 972-54-528-1991, Fax. in Israel: 972-2-652-6646, email: [email protected] /


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