HEARTRENDING: At Least 55 Chareidim Died From COVID In Israel In 2 Weeks, 57 Fighting For Their Lives

Illustrative: ZAKA Tel Aviv

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At least 55 Chareidi coronavirus patients in Israel passed away in the past two weeks, comprising 11% of Israeli fatalities, a high percentage in comparison to the percentage of Chareidi older adults in Israel, Kikar H’Shabbos reported.

A total of 33 niftarim were residents of Bnei Brak, 18 were residents of Jerusalem, 2 were from Modiin Illit, and one each from Beitar and Elad.

Since the data was compiled according to identifiably Chareidi cities, it’s likely that there were additional Chareidi niftarim in cities with mixed populations such as Petach Tikvah, Netanya, and Ofakim as well.

Furthermore, there are currently 57 Chareidim coronavirus patients in critical condition, with at least 20 of them under the age of 65.

Two critically ill patients are over the age of 84, 12 critically ill patients are aged 75-84, 23 patients are 65-74, 11 patients are aged 55-64, five patients are 45-54, one patient is between the ages of 35-44, 2 are between the ages of 25-34, and 1 patient is between the ages of 17-24.

The data is truly dismal as the Chareidi population comprises 10.1% of the general population in Israel, which means that 20.3% of the 280 critically ill patients are Chareidi.

There are also 52 seriously ill Chareidi virus patients (out of 417), 19 in moderate condition (out of 219), and 64 in light condition (out of 344).

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. clearly the writer of this article is not the same as the article “every yeshiva a target”. either that or hes suffering from schizophrenia. do the math. the chareidim have a problem and right now its not anti Semitism.its denying reality to its own detrement and theres no arguing the numbers.
    the government who is trying to save us from ourselves is doing the job that our own leaders failed to do.
    how many deaths will it take to realize this simple fact. ywn should be embarrassed for not stepping up loud and clear.

  2. HaHaragta VeGam Yarashta? You cant flaunt and violate health recommendations then cry from the results. What happened to Dina deMalchuta Dina? Why are you upset when the same people are mocking and violating recommendations? If one eats poison purposely do you cry from the obvious results of their own actions? The Chassanim and Kallot should be crying for weddings that put their guests in danger. Grandparents should be crying for not teaching their children proper VeNishmartem et Nafshotechem.

  3. The Satmar Rebbe said clearly that whoever dances in shul on Simchas Torah will not get sick.
    I would therefore assume these fatalities R”L are those who davened in a street minyan.

  4. Poeople claiming that not following rules and bashing YWN for daring to speak against anti-Semitism have collective amnesia. First of all, many people who followed the rules to the t, passed away, not only those who did not. Many people who ALWAYS wore masks when in public and who quarantined as per government regualtions died. And this happened not only with Jews, which who these self-hating Jews love to blame (not any differnt than non-Jewsih JEw haters), but to people all over the globe. The CDC said that 70% of people who got covid-19 always wore masks (and another 15% wore masks often but not all the time.) so getting cthe coronavirus is NOT dependent on wearing masks.

    There were 1.12 MILLION deaths worlwide, are you going to blame it all on frum Jews? Are you going to say that they all didn’t follow government regulations? You will not say all of the 1.12 million people who died, and their communities, did not follow regualtions, but yet you disgustingly do blame frum Jews’ deaths on the fum communities.

    And unless one lives in a bubble forever, even following government regulations, they will be exposed to the virus. Not one scientist says otherwise, not one doctor says otherwise. I keep on repeating this basic FACT over and over, covid-19 regualtions and restrictions WILL NOT and DO NOT make the virus go away. It simply SLOWS the rate of transmissions.

  5. And it’s not heartbreaking for the Kippah Sruga, Chiloni, Daati Leumi, Mosoriti etc, crowd that died from Covid? Only Cheredim, right YWN?

  6. Anyone who works at YWN should be ashamed at how they have stirred up hatred toward elected officials trying to avoid needless, preventable death like this.

  7. Roshei Yeshiva, Mashgichim, Magidei Shiur have been dropping like flies from this mageifah. The Chareidi Press does not seem to be bothered by this, it is too busy screaming discrimination. The press stopped writing from what disease these Rabbonim died , but everyone knows it’s Corona. This hashkafah is very telling, and it no doubt will be defended. In the bigger picture, no one should be surprised by this.

  8. Romi Cohen A”H said that some people in Hungary didn’t want to help the Polish Jews during WW2 because Dina Demalchusa Dina. When there is an imminent danger you don’t need anyone to tell you to be careful. You know how to do it yourself. The Israeli government is blaming everything on the Charedim even though plenty of not religious people don’t listen to any rules. Enough with the government lies.

  9. First of all, to those who have commented, do you live here? I live in a Chareidi neighborhood, and what I see and what I hear is that Chareidim are very compliant with the rules. It is our lifestyle; i.e., large families, relatively crowded neighborhoods, Davening with a Minyan (yes, even outdoors and up to 20 people) which places us at higher risk. Israeli politicians from the Prime Minister on down have decried the libelous bashing of the Chareidim as spreaders of the disease as baseless, at the very least since early into the first wave. Perhaps it is worth being careful to avoid Motza’ei Shem Ra if one is not fully in possession of the facts.

    On an unrelated note, this article is puzzling. As is the usual with translated articles, it is poorly written and hard to follow. IN addition, though, it is contradictory. For example, how does one reconcile the following two quotes? From the first paragraph: “Chareidi coronavirus patients … comprising 11% of Israeli fatalities, A HIGH PERCENTAGE (emphasis mine) in comparison to the percentage of Chareidi older adults in Israel …” From the last paragraph: “… as the Chareidi population COMPRISES 10.1% OF THE GENERAL POPULATION in Israel …”

  10. BDE, I feel terrible for these poor people and their families. But if THIS news won’t change the hearts and minds of those who continue to flaunt the rules and endanger themselves and others, what will?

  11. ???????

    “chareidim comprise 10.1 % of Israeli population…..

    These figures are based on the results of the polls and simply don’t take nto account

    a) there’s another percentile who don’t vote – either because of hashkapha or lack of citizenship

    b) There is a small amount of non chareidim in B’nei b’rak and yerusholayim too [Ramat Eshkol, a “red” neighborhhod is comprised of young chareidim and eldery zionist leaning chiloinim and is a red neighborhhood ……]

    c) Chareidi life expentancy is anyway eight months higher than the average population, so there is automatically more olde r people///

    D) ve’oid ve’oid ve’oid……

    מי שאמר לעולמו די יאמר לכל לרותינו די

  12. The people crying antisemitism do not say that shuls and yeshivos should be open without precautions as usual. They say that shuls and yeshivos that follow recommendations should be allowed to open with restrictions and modifications. It doesn’t make sense to have the same limitations for a shul with a 250 person capacity as for a shul with a 50 person capacity. There is no reason to shutter yeshivos indiscriminately if they have been following appropriate guidelines, including social distancing, masks, temperature taking, testing etc. Yes, there are some places that ignored guidelines. Why are inspectors not focusing on those shuls and yeshivos that aren’t following the rules? To indiscriminately target and close every orthodox institution without specific findings is illegal in every other situation, but allowed here? Doesn’t the civil rights act of 1964 prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national origin or religion? How is this different?

  13. thank God there are not more deaths. listen to rules, not rabbis. the latter are responsible for the greater incidence in Haredi communities. gadol avonam mi’nesoh

  14. Do we only identify the “Heart rendering” specific to “CHAREIDIM” passing from the virus?
    Is it not heart rendering when any Israeli dies from Corona?
    Should we not be even more concerned about the TOTAL number of Israeli’s passing. Is that number not more heart rendering?

    Is it MORE heart rendering when YWN readers see “Chareidim” are dying?
    Their lives are more valuable, their deaths more poignant?
    What a tragedy of polarization and division played out by the headlines of YWN.

  15. Not just simply negligent on part of Israeli government, but outright outrageously Criminal on their part to have already reopened kindergartens,:- This entire 2nd wave emanated from Gymnasia school on Rechov haRamban, when they reopened during Iyyor, but some people never get it, and shall make the identical fatal moves yet again.

  16. SaraZippora, mid-20th century philosophers explained that core beliefs are preserved by various denial mechanisms. in this case, death is associated with a test by God whether we will continue to follow daat Torah n spite of the deaths that result. HaShem Yerahem.


    Anti semitism is up, Coumo the killer is an evil person

    People who are “VERY careful” still get it

    People are dying, BECAUSE doctors are not treating it early enough with the proper medication, nor are they telling their patients to take the proper supplements which mitigate the risks of COVID

    People who follow blindly the health regulations are FOOLS! They have been anti masks before they were for it…

    Whoever thinks masks, social distancing is the PRIMARY answer to COVID is a FOOL! and is endangering themselves and others by believing they are protected

  18. a few points
    each death is heart breaking , to be honest it does hurt more when its a frum person ( not sure why)
    we humans did not bring this plague – hashem did send him the bill, the people that keep screaming mask mask..is because they feel helpless & somehow the mask makes a person feel in control ( masks are a good & responsible tool when nec. ) the malach hamoves was told dont worry do your job , no one will blame you
    the bigger churban here is that we were not zoche to the shemira elyona -ein od milvado YET one needs to be deserving of hashems protection.. im kebonim im keavadim
    hoshiva shofteinu- that we dont have the navi to guide us out .. the yona.. so we keep on screaming , mayor , governer… social distance.. yet many of us myself included stay the same ..

  19. At this point, it appears that no minds will be changed. There seems to be a fatalistic mindset within a small segment of the Chareidi tzibur that is willing to accept the increasing number of deaths because they simply have no choice but to continue with large families crowded into small apartments, reluctance to quarantine infected individuals as recommended by the health authorities, inflexibility about davening with minyanim and uneven enforcement of mask rules. As long as they keep yelling “anti-semitism” and accuse the media of hyping the problems in the frum neighborhoods , they will continue providing full employment for the chevrah kadisha. There are just so many times and ways you can try to explain that the current public health guidelines are NOT “cures”, will not be 100 percent effective in blocking transmission but have been shown to SLOW the rate of transmission and protect the vulnerable until we have proven vaccines and therapeutics.

  20. To all those who want to sell the lie that all Charedim follow the guidelines, who are you trying to fool? Yes, some kehillos do, and their death and illness rates are indeed much lower. Belz in Israel refuses to follow any guidelines, including wearing masks. I know the names of at least 16 Belze Chassidim who were niftar from Corona, and I assume there were others where the info was kept from the public. Just this week, Rav Yitzchok Landau, the mashbak of the previous Rebbe and a chosheve Chosid, who had been very careful the entire time, was infected on Rosh Hashana in the big shul in Romema, which was packed to the rafters with thousands of unmasked mispalelim, violating every rule in the book. The police did not enter the shul – either for political fear, or to avoid a bloody riot in which they would be called Nazis for breaking up davening on Rosh Hashana. The same situation has occurred in numerous other chassidic kehillos, by most of the “Etz” followers, and by nearly all of Beis Yisroel and Meah Shearim, and all this occurred to an even greater extent in NY and NJ throughout the summer, because we decided that we have herd immunity, even though all the experts said we were far from it. When the Chilonim bash this activity in their media, many Charedim and especially our media cry about their “anti-Semitic, Nazi-like hatred” of Charedim, or scream “What about Balfour?’ or “What about the BLM demonstrations?” for the millionth time.

    Shortly after the Grah’s famed talmid, Rav Yisroel of Shklav Zt”l, arrived in Eretz Yisroel, an epidemic erupted in the North. While he fled Tzfas with his family, he was not aware that it had already spread much further South and he lost 8 members of his close family Rachmona litzlan, including 3 children and both of his parents. Seven years later another epidemic hit Yerushalayim. He immediately took personal control of the kehilah of Talmidei HaGrah, ordering all older people to remain at home, closing shuls, organizing groups of young boys to bring food and supplies to the homes of the elderly, and requiring masks for all those going outdoors. At the end of the epidemic, he wrote a letter (published in Musaf Shabbos of Yated Neeman) stating that whereas the Sephardi kehilah and Chassidishe kehilah each lost 300 members R”l, his kehilah lost only 8 people, and “even most of those were due to their failure to heed my strict regulations.” Nobody accused him of being anti-Charedi, or of speaking ill of other frum kehilos and the dead. He realized that it was far more important to teach the lesson that we cannot be reckless and then blame the deaths on a gezeirah from heaven. Hashem wants and expects us to do whatever we possibly can to protect ourselves, and especially our more vulnerable members. It is high time every frum Jew does the same, instead of crying all day that there is anti-religion and anti-Semitism, and continuing to spread the ridiculous nonsense coming from right-wing science deniers, who still seek to convince us that masks do not save lives, that Covid is no worse than the flu, and that people are dying “with Corona” and not “because of Corona.”