Huge COVID-19 Lab To Open In Jerusalem, Doubling No. Of Tests In Israel

J-m Mayor Moshe Lion stands between AID Genomics chief scientist Yitzchak Haviv (L.) and CEO Snir Zano (R.) (Jerusalem Municipality)

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The Jerusalem Municipality announced on Sunday that AID Genomics, an international group of medical tech companies, is opening the largest coronavirus testing lab in Israel in the capital city.

The lab will have the capability to process 50,000 daily tests, with results available in up to three hours, doubling the number of tests currently available in the Jewish state.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon said that about 150 Jerusalem residents will be hired to work in the lab, “directly injecting capital back into Jerusalem’s economy.”

“This is huge news for Jerusalem,” Lion continued. “We’re expecting to establish testing sites throughout the city, and I hope that their efficiency and success will lend us the security we need to reopen culture and fitness events in Jerusalem in the near future.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)