WATCH THIS: Israeli Chassan Refused To Forego His Friends’ Presence At His Simcha


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An Israeli chassan who got married on Monday night, like all chassanim, very much wanted his friends from yeshiva to take part in his simcha.

However, as his friends are currently in a “capsule program” at Yeshivas Knesses Yitzchak Hadera in Modiin Illit, their presence at his simcha wasn’t possible since the bochurim are forbidden from leaving the yeshiva and are certainly not allowed to participate in group events.

But that little fact didn’t stop this determined chassan. He decided that if his friends couldn’t travel to his simcha, his simcha would travel to them! His wedding was held below the dorm of the yeshivah, where his friends could feel the joy of his simcha and he could experience the joy of his friends’ presence.

Last month, YWN reported on a similar but more bittersweet story of a chuppah conducted in the plaza of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem in order to allow the chassan’s father, a seriously ill coronavirus patient, to take part in his son’s simcha.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Hopefully, within a few short months, all of these simchas can be held under normal conditions and we will see a huge backlog of “delayed simcha receptions” held for those whose chassanahs were held under more restrictive rules w/o family family and friends in attendance.