WATCH: Two NYPD Heroes Shot In The Line Of Duty Released From Hospital


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Two NYPD officers who were shot and wounded Tuesday while responding to a domestic violence call in Queens were released from a hospital on Thanksgiving.

Video shows officer Christopher Wells, 36, and officer Joseph Murphy, 33, in wheelchairs as they left Jamaica Hospital to bagpipes and cheers from NYPD members on Thursday.

Wells was shot in the leg and needed surgery to repair a fractured femur, while Murphy was wounded in the hand and also required surgery.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why are deBlasio & Cuomo so concerned about limited # of people in Shuls? But no such concern about massive crowding outside this hospital. Such contradiction & discrimination.
    Are they going to fine the police Union $15,000 for this excessively massive crowding?