Israel’s Ban on Non-Israelis Extended Until End Of 2020


Israel extended its ban of non-Israeli citizens from entering the country until January 1, 2021, the Chaim V’Chessed organization announced on Monday.

Although Israelis and students with entry permits from educational institutions are permitted to enter Israel, students who are currently in Israel and wish to leave the country and then return must proceed with caution. Chaim V’Chessed warns that many students have experienced difficulties in being allowed to renter Israel.

“It is crucial that students hold valid student visas prior to exiting Israel, if they plan on returning,” the organization stated.

Non-Israeli citizens can apply for entry permits to enter Israel for special circumstances, such as for simchas.

Also, beginning next month, the immediate relatives of new olim who made aliyah in the past four years will be allowed to enter Israel to visit their relatives.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This ongoing ban on Non-Israelis is just as heinous as separating children from parents at the USA-Mexico border, as this ban is also separating numerous parents from children;
    Why do the shah of Bahrain & Pompeo get away with this ban?

  2. 147 – That statement is so beyond ridiculous I don’t have the words. Separating small children and infants from their parents who are fleeing systematic persecution, never to be seen again, is NOTHING like adults who voluntarily make aliyah or choose to study abroad being away from their families who they can see by zoom and skype every hour of every day. My goodness! How do people come up with these analogies? The Israeli family members can leave Israel to see their families and come back at will.
    Why do diplomats get to come and go? I don’t know. I don’t think they should. I don’t want Pompeo or the Shah of Bahrain here. But they’re diplomats so they always get treated specially.
    As someone who “commutes” to and from Israel for work, I can say with certainty that Israel’s model of keeping people out is best. Israel’s numbers are far better than other countries of the same size and development.