Avraham Fried To Release Duet With Leftist Tel Aviv Rock Star Aviv Geffen

Aviv Geffen; Avraham Fried

Jewish music superstar Avraham Fried and Tel Aviv rock star Aviv Geffen are releasing a duet on Sunday.

On Thursday, the two released a video of them speaking to each other across the Atlantic about the upcoming duet, with Geffen speaking from his Tel Aviv studio and Fried sitting in his car in Brooklyn.

“I received the song you recorded and I’m in tears and have chills,” Geffen said. “I never believed this could happen. When the song was written, I said if only I could merit singing it with you. I want to say thank you very much for your courage. You need a lot of courage to connect your audience to my audience. That’s the important message here, the unity and connections – in Israel and throughout the world. It’s a great honor for me.”

Fried responded: “Aviv, I daven that we’ll be sh’lichim to unite the nation, especially during these days…if there was a need for unity all these years, now it’s certainly even more true. And I have a good feeling that [the song] will successfully strengthen and unite the nation.”

In May, Geffen, almost an icon of the left-wing Tel Aviv crowd, dedicated one of his songs to the residents of Bnei Brak, who were hit hard by the first wave of the coronavirus and faced widespread condemnation from the Israeli public and media.

Following his dedication, Geffen received 240 messages from Bnei Brak residents thanking him for his support. He was moved to tears and shed tears again when speaking about the experience in a TV interview.

The Bnei Brak municipality sent Geffen a letter of appreciation for his support.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. is the title “fried releases song with leftist israeli star” sounds like an attempt to criticize fried. he at least has a rebbi and madrich that would tell him to release the song for the sake of unity and achdus. or he can open up an likutei sichos. who yeshiva world is your rabeim and rosh yeshiva in the litvishe yeshivas you went to that gave you hadracha to post pictures of woman the title of the headline against you should be ” LEFTIST YESHIVA WORLD POSTS PICTURES OF IVANKA AND MELANIA” with the classic moreh heter of the internet is so bad anyway why cant we just put pictures of woman as long as they meet what we call ywn’s very own “personal standards” of tznius that they set for the oilam hatorah. so when a decent yungerman in kolel checks up ywn bain hazmanim he needs to see those pictures because he is tied up and gebunden with where yeshiva world is holding in their yiddishkeit at the moment