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“You Spread Disease:” Couple Who Harassed Chareidim Removed From Airplane

A couple aboard a United Airlines flight who accused Charedi passengers of “spreading disease” was promptly removed from the airplane.

The incident began on Motzei Shabbos as passengers waited to board a United Airlines flight to Israel from Liberty Airport in Newark. A secular couple began inciting against Chareidim in the airport even before boarding the plane, telling one Chareidi that he wasn’t wearing his mask properly and that Chareidim like him are spreading the disease.

After boarding the plane, the couple continued inciting against Chareidi passengers, demanding from the flight attendants that they not be seated next to Chareidi passengers. “The Chareidim should all sit together because they spread disease,” they told the flight attendants.

Passengers complained to the flight attendants about the couple’s behavior. Several minutes later, two United supervisors boarded the plane and without further questions, ordered the couple off the plane. The couple’s luggage was then removed from the plane’s hold.

“United deserves our praise regarding this incident,” one of the planes’ passengers told B’Chadrei Chareidim. “Everyone was shocked that they removed the couple from the plane without hesitation.”

“United will not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” United Airlines said in a statement following the incident. “When this case was brought to our attention, we removed the passengers and they were taken to their destination on a later flight. We appreciate the quick response of our crew who believe in a safe and respectful environment.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Well done to them, but we chareidim are more soft than that.
    Personally I would have given them a chance. I would have warned them that if it persists, they will be removed from the plane and banned from the airline for life.
    I guess they knew better than to take chances….

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