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Want To Attend A Tisch? Only With A “Green Passport” For Karlin-Stoliner Chassidim

Karlin-Stoliner chassidim throughout Israel were informed on Motzei Shabbos that whoever attends tefillos or simchos at the chassidus in Givat Zeev is required to bring documentation that he either recovered from the coronavirus or has been fully vaccinated.

The instructions come despite the fact that the Karlin-Stoliner Rebbe, Baruch Hashem, recovered from the coronavirus in October.

The message added that anyone who received the second dose of the vaccine less than a week prior should continue to adhere to regulations and shouldn’t come to the chatzer at all until a week has passed.

The Karlin-Stoliner chassidus was the first one to close its shuls and other gathering places at the beginning of the pandemic and the Rebbe continues to instruct his chassidim to strictly adhere to health regulations.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Why do you use the words, “despite the fact that he recovered.” Maybe it’s davka because he recovered. He knows what it’s like and he is a leader in be michazek others to do the right thing.

  2. Thank you YWN for continuing to bring forward positive news that more and more of our gadolim and askanim are taking the lead in vaccination and adherence to the public health guidelines and even going further and shunning any of their followers who fail to do so. Yesterday it was Vishnitz, today Stolin, and I’m sure there are many others about whom we haven’t even heard. I recall reading about one mindless chabad rav discouraging vaccination and he was immediately “CANCELLED” by the 770 Chabad administration. B’H we seem to be making great progress and hopefully, it will continue to be reflected in declining infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths.

  3. What does YWN mean by “the Rebbe continues to instruct his chassidim to strictly adhere to health regulations.”? The Israeli Coronovirus regulations state: “Religious Services – Prayers may only be held with up to 5 congregants indoors and up to 10 congregants outdoors. Houses of prayer can open for prayers only excluding Kiddush.” Additionally “Gatherings – Gatherings are restricted to up to 5 people indoors and up to 10 people outdoors” The health regulations require Shuls to be closed, even though hardly any of the Haredi shuls care about the health regulations require. A tisch is a gathering and at least in Stolin it is inside and there are more than five participants. So what health regulations is the Stoliner Rebbe instructing his chassidim to strictly adhere to?

  4. Great new news: Synagogues are set to reopen from this Friday Erev Parshas Zochor, with restrictions — 10 people inside and 20 outside. So a minyan and a small tisch will be permitted in Stolin. Whoever is there will however still have to wear a mask and keep 2 meters from his neighbor.

  5. Jerusalem observer
    A pity to waste words on you and I am not a Stoliner, but everyone known that the Stoliner Rebbe was the first to close the shuls and schools and they are still wearing masks. At this point he decided that for those who vaccinated or recovered it is not necessary anymore to daven at home. The facts have proven that to be correct. even so everyone wears a mask in shul and I have noticed even in the street. On chanuka they came together with masks and social distancing. I heard that in boro park they rented an extra large hall etc.

  6. People like Gadolhadorah will bring Moshiach.
    Now he knows he has whom to rely on when he needs advice on how to lead Klal Yisroel.

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