UTJ’s Moshe Gafni: “We Won’t Enter Coalition Without Solution For Conversion Ruling”

Reform female and male rabbis pray together at Robinson’s Arch, the Western Wall site slated for future egalitarian services, on February 25, 2016. (Y.R/Reform Movement)

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UTJ chairman Moshe Gafni said on Army Radio on Thursday morning that the UTJ party will not enter a coalition that won’t provide a legal solution for the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding non-Orthodox conversions.

“We’ll request to amend the law,” Gafni said. “Yahadus has a very clear book of laws. Even the ‘Society of Beer Drinkers’ has rules and if you don’t keep the rules you can’t join their society. The Reform movement is the only society in the world that any non-Jew can join the moment their ‘rabbi’ decides they are Jews.”

On Monday, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that people converted by the Reform and Conservative movements in Israel will be recognized as Jewish and can become Israeli citizens through the Law of Return.

During the interview, Gani deflected complaints regarding the UTJ’s controversial “Bark Mitzvah” video, which compares the absurdity of “Bark Mitzvahs” to people being accepted as Jewish through non-Orthodox conversions.

“If I would have created the video of dogs, I would have made it even worse and videoed the Sudanese [refugees] from south Tel Aviv explaining how Reform Jews try to convert them. The truth can’t be denied. Reform Jews make Bar Mitzvahs for their dogs, they’re the ones that place dogs on equal footing with humans.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)