SEE IT: More Hatred: Bus Driver Attacks Chareidi Man In Bnei Brak


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A Chareidi man was violently attacked on Tuesday morning by a bus driver in Bnei Brak after he signaled for him to stop at the bus station, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

The attack was videoed by passerby.

The bus driver, an employee of Afikim, was subsequently dismissed from his position, following the intervention of UTJ MKs Yaakov Tessler and Deputy Transportation Minister Uri Maklev. The company will also examine if the incident warrants a criminal investigation.

The Chareidi man is currently a resident of Ashdod but since his official residence is still listed as Bnei Brak, he traveled there to vote on Tuesday morning. He voted and was about to board a bus back to Ashdod when he was attacked by the driver, which left him with broken glasses and wounds on his face.

“I ran toward the bus while signaling to the driver to stop,” the man told B’Chadrei. “After I knocked on the door, he began to drive anyway. Suddenly he stopped the bus, got off, and began to punch me.”

The man said that he could feel the driver’s hatred of him. “With this situation of public incitement, incidents like these can have even worse consequences.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. @147,
    I’ve been reading your comments on YWN and I need to say; you are a bigot full of hate.
    You defend trump like he is an angel and urge violence when someone disagrees with you.
    Here again, you are commenting on a story that you do not the details about. And even if all the details that you perceive to have been occurring are correct, the punishment you are suggesting is an overeaction.

    suppressed self-hatred, perhaps.

  2. Yet another example why Beisdin does not listen to one side. We see this episode being recorded from the middle. What caused the driver to get out of the bus and start attacking a potential passenger? Looking at the first seconds: driver is shouting something at the guy and the guy explains himself by pointing where he wants to go. Then, the bus driver fixes his head covering and mask and goes back, while the guy stands in front of the bus and moves the wiper away. He does it without much emotion, as if he is returning to his previous position.. this is also hinted in the text – “I ran toward the bus while signaling to the driver to stop,…After I knocked on the door, he began to drive anyway”. How is “signaling” and “knocking” right after running? Seems like he was running from the front of the bus – preventing the bus from leaving and maybe tried to jump into the door or something. He is then explaining to the driver that Ashdod is far away and he really needs to go there. I am not trying to justify driver behavior, just explaining what is happening.

  3. Not sure why people who identify with this site are attacking 147 for his pro-chareidi views. As a chareidi I have the right to hate those who hate my people and care for those who show my tribe favor. People look out for their own type. Nothing wrong with that!