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Show of Support for Israel In The Italian Parliament

Members of the right-wing Lega party in Italy demonstrated solidarity with Israel on Wednesday in the Italian parliament by displaying Israeli flags.

On another note, Israel’s ambassador to Italy Dror Eydar wrote a “letter” [in Italian] to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who visited Rome this week. His letter went viral and was quoted on many news sites. Below is an English translation.

“Hello, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif: While you were visiting wonderful Rome yesterday, I was in Israel with my young daughters, under fire of the terror attacks Hamas unleashed on Israel – with your funding, your encouragement, and your guidance.

“Since last Monday Hamas has launched about 3,300 rockets against Israeli cities and civilian targets, including Jerusalem, violating its sanctity – inspired and encouraged by you.

“The Middle East has been unstable for years due to your subversive interference. Wherever there is chaos, we will find traces of your regime. This is the case in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen, as well as in Gaza. Your economy is collapsing, but you are investing the remnants of your money into spreading terrorism and funding your nuclear missile program. For whom?

“You declare your desire to destroy Israel and the United States from morning until night. All Judeo-Christian civilization is threatened by your bloody regime.

“Now you have come to spread your smiles in Rome, while Gaza burns because of you.

“For the past 15 months, the world has been fighting a virus that threatens the welfare of the world’s population. Israel is collaborating with Italy to research and develop drugs to cure the disease for the benefit of the entire world. But instead of joining efforts to eradicate the disease, you prefer to invest your efforts to encourage murders and incite against the only Jewish state in the world. What we heard only 80 years ago in Europe in German, you say today in Farsi.

“Contrary to your false propaganda, you are not only opposed to the existence of the State of Israel, but you oppose our very existence as an independent people in the world. You have the dubious honor of being the only country in the world to organize an anti-Semitic caricature festival.

“Any moderate element in the Middle East that tries to implement normalization with Israel, you threaten and plot against. Israel shares no borders with Iran nor disputes over property. Israel is over a thousand kilometers away from Iran. Why don’t you recognize Israel’s right to exist? Stop spreading hate.

“The Jewish people had a positive historical experience with the Persian Empire. 2,500 years ago, King Cyrus recognized the right of Jews to their land and especially Jerusalem, and invited the Jews of the world to return and build the temple in Jerusalem. There was no Palestine then, but there were the kingdoms of Judah and Israel.

“But since you took control of Iran and took the Iranian people hostage, you’re not ashamed to show everyone that your raison d’être is the destruction of the State of Israel. And now you come to spread your smiles in Rome.

“It’s worthwhile for you to know that the campaign in Gaza went badly for you. Israel is returning fire to your terror emissaries, and we will restore security and peace for our citizens. The world remembers well that 2021 isn’t 2015, when they believed your lies. Over the past few years, you’ve revealed your repeated violations of the JCPOA to the world and the acts of fraud you committed in order to conceal them. We can’t return to the so-called agreement that you violate morning and night and you’ll continue to do so until the baseless deadline for terminating your obligations arrives. This is another reason why returning to the agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s signed on.”

“I also believe in your threats about your desire to destroy Israel. Recent history in Europe has taught that when dictators threaten, their words should be taken seriously. Therefore we need to ensure that you don’t have nuclear weapons, and we’ll do so – together with the international community, or alone. ”

“The question is, when will the West realize that behind the elegant suits and ties and smiles is lurking a murderous fanatical ideology that seeks to wipe out all Western civilization? We need to wake up.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. biden should read this letter repeatedly until his brain that has the IQ of a carrot gets it…hopefully then he wont give theese terrorist lovers billions like obama did

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