Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman To Be Indicted Subject To Hearing


The office of Attorney General Avichai Mandeblit informed Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman on Thursday that the attorney general has approved a preliminary indictment against him for charges of obstruction of justice and breach of trust.

Mandelblit’s approval is necessary for filing an indictment against an incumbent minister.

The charges are related to two cases, with the first one involving Australian teacher Malka Leifer, who was extradited from Israel to Australia in January to be tried for charges of abuse. Litzman, who was serving as Deputy Health Minister and Health Minister while Leifer was in Israel, is suspected of influencing the district psychiatrist in his decision regarding Leifer’s mental condition and her ability to stand trial.

The second case involves a restaurant that was found to be deficient in adherence to hygienic standards and the Health Ministry imposed restrictions on it. Litzman, who is friendly with the owner and frequented the establishment, is suspected of trying to help the owner bypass the restrictions.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Will they allow him to share a cell with Bibi?? He has been under a cloud for years so its about time the prosecutors make their case or just stop with the rumors.

  2. Maybe they should only appoint people to ministry positions who have actual experience in that field. How did he go from health to housing? Did he previously have a job in health industry or housing markets, or any experience in major administration. Same goes for all these ministers

  3. Advocacy is a virtue. Dishonesty is a disgrace. If these allegations have merit, they constitute chilul Hashem. He deserves the full brunt of the law, including long prison term.

  4. I heard from a reliable source that the restaurant story was different.
    Rabbi Litzman has a friend who is a handyman. He was simply trying to make the connection.