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CHASDEI HASHEM: Most Severely Injured Karlin-Stolin Survivor Leaves ICU

Yaakov ben Gittel, the Karliner avreich who was critically injured in the bleachers disaster in Givat Zeev, has been moved from the ICU to a general ward in Shaarei Tzedek Hospital, with his condition no longer life-threatening, Kikar H’Shabat reported.

R’ Yaakov Pearlman, a resident of Tiveria, was resuscitated several times at the scene of the disaster and in the ambulance while being evacuated to the trauma unit at Shaarei Tzedek. He was considered the most severely injured survivor of the disaster.

The doctors continued to fight for his life at the hospital and succeeded in stabilizing him. He underwent a number of surgical procedures and was sedated and ventilated for two weeks.

“I thank and praise the Borei Olam for the nissim He did for me and for bringing me from death to life,” R Yaakov said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. There are still many individuals, mostly bochrim that are still in the hospital and need our tefilos. Many of those that are recuperating at home still need months of therapy and rehabilitation

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