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Dati Leumi Rabbanim Slam Unity Gov’t: “We’re Obligated To Ensure It’s Not Established”

Dozens Of Dati Leumi Rabbanim published a letter on Thursday calling to oppose the newly formed government in the wake of Lapid’s declaration on Wednesday night that he has succeeded in forming a unity government.

“It’s impossible to accept the reality that a government will be established in Israel that will harm the most fundamental issues regarding religion and state that have been accepted since the establishment of the State of Israel by all Israeli governments.”

“There is no doubt that this government will also harm security matters, which affect our very existence, by relying on terror supporters, and also will include ministers who call on the Hague tribunal to investigate IDF officers on war crimes [a likely reference to Meretz head Nitzan Horowitz who said that the ICC probe is “legitimate.”]

“This government is completely contrary to the will of the nation, as was firmly expressed in the last election. We’re obligated to make every effort to ensure that such a government is not established. It’s not too late, it is definitely possible. We will act and b’ezrat Hashem, we will succeed.”

The letter is signed by 36 Roshei Yeshivos and Rabbanim.

On Thursday afternoon, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu summoned the heads of the right-wing bloc, senior Likud officials, and senior Yehuda and Shomron council officials for an urgent meeting on strategies to thwart the establishment of the unity government.

Right-wing protests have been held in front of the home of Yamina No. 2 Ayelet Shaked over the past week and a large protest is set to take place on Thursday night, with the participation of several right-wing MKs.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

9 Responses

  1. How right they are.Bennet does not care on anything he would even go with the arabs and goim to be prime minister. and this is against the will of the Tnuat Dati Leumi.this would never happen atthe time of
    Josef Bur s.l or zerach Wahrhaftig s.l. or Shapira s.l.

  2. DrYidd they not belong to Rabbi Druckman chevre they not Misrachi the belong to the so called modern orthodox
    like Bennet.

  3. this “unity” coalition will survive for 3 – 6 months only
    his opposition will try very hard to topple bennet from day 1
    they see it as their duty to the state of israel
    then bennet will be buried for good- (from both worlds)

  4. When you spend decades railing against rabbinic leadership, blaming the holocaust on blindly following da’as torah, and saying that Rabbis belong on the sidelines of politics as the dati leumi community has….what do you expect? Now suddenly they should listen as some of their constituents abandon all vestige of Torah fidelity to join the rabid anti religious? You’ve taught them not to listen!

  5. Where were they and all the other right wing political hacks when there were real options to get rid of Netanyahu once and for all. Each time, he manipulated the religious parties in his desperate efforts to retain power and avoid prosecution. At least now the country will be rid of Netanyahu

  6. They only have themselves to blame, they endorsed Bennett, helping him throw out the previous Dati Leumi political leadership despite the fact that he was bringing in a non Shomer Shabbos colleague with him (Shaked), something unprecedented , when they failed to realize that the two were wolves in sheep clothes. Eventually the twos true intentions came to light and the Rabbanim told them to leave. The damage was already done. Bennett and Shaked will say, do, lie, decieve whatever they can in their manic delusions of power. They lied to the Rabbanim and the public many times over. Netanyahu saw right through them (as did his wife). However, we are in Hashems hands, he runs the world and gam zu le’tova.

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