Thousands Expected to Utilize Thruway Rest Area for Mincha and Maariv as Sloatsburg Minyan Area Opens This Week


Over the past 18 years, thousands of travelers have made use of the Tefilas Mordche Mincha Area on the New York State Thruway, stopping on their way upstate for evening prayer services. Named in memory of Rabbi Mordechai Friedman Z”L, father of police chaplain Rabbi Abe Friedman, who dedicated his life to community service and to the Mincha Area in particular, the Sloatsburg rest stop has provided motorists with a safe location for prayer as they headed to the Catskills on Thursday nights.

Having worked closely with the New York State Thruway Authority, the New York State Police and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office, we are once again able to open the Mincha Area at the rest stop’s upper deck on Thursday, June 17th.

As in the past, the following regulations will remain in effect at all times:

• In order to provide a minimum of disturbance to other travelers, Mincha Area parking is on the upper level only.
• Parking in handicapped and restricted areas without proper permits is forbidden.
• Prayer can take place only in the designated Mincha Area.
• No sales of any kind, including food, merchandise or tzedaka solicitations are allowed at the rest stop.
• Children of all ages must be supervised and should never be left unattended in any vehicle.
• Obey all speed limits and use extreme caution when approaching the upper deck.
• Yield to all pedestrians when driving or parking.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the New York State Thruway Authority, the New York State Police and Governor Cuomo’s office for appreciating the importance of the Mincha Area and look forward to a safe and healthy summer, said Rabbi Abe Friedman.