Shaked: Quarantine Violators Won’t Be Allowed To Leave Israel

Illustrative: Police detain quarantine violator in Tel Aviv. (Israel Police)

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Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked said on Sunday that she plans on proposing an amendment to the coronavirus law that will sanction quarantine violators with a one-year ban on travel outside Israel.

A NIS 5,000 fine has already been approved for quarantine violators so Shaked’s sanction would be in addition to the fine. Most of the current coronavirus outbreaks in Israel have been tied to Israelis who returned from abroad and violated quarantine laws.

“It’s a simple enforcement tool,” Shaked told Ynet. “It’s most relevant during summer vacation with families planning to travel, some with unvaccinated children who can spread the virus to their friends.”

Shaked is also proposing a one-year travel ban for Israelis who travel to countries that have high coronavirus rates and have been placed on Israel no-fly list, including the countries of India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Argentina.

Over the weekend, 34 Israelis who returned from abroad tested positive for the coronavirus, including nine from Russia. The rest of the coronavirus carriers had returned from Turkey, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, the United States, and Cyprus.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Will this include seizing & holding their passport for a year? & if dual citizen, holding foreign passport? or failing that:- If they escape on their foreign passport, then refusing them reentry into Israel?

  2. Genius15 ???? What does Democracy have to do with this article ??? I would suggest JAIL TIME!!! These people have the right to go to places BUT DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO RETURN AND VIOLATE THEIR QUARANTINE and put other people’s lives in Danger!! What a foolish remark.

  3. asshtt8 ??? why only JAIL TIME? surely they should have one ARM CUT OFF and the other one BOILED IN ACID!!! because that it is how we treat FELLOW JEWS that break the HOLY ISRAELI LAW!!! Viva zionism!