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EXCLUSIVE: Boro Park Community Leaders Expressed Their Support For De Blasio At Home Of Abe Biederman


Call it unprecedented unity, Borough Park’s community leaders, many who supported Bill Thompson in the Democratic primary, got together last night to express their support for Bill de Blasio.

The private event for Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio was held at the home of Abe Biederman, who was a staunch supporter and advocate for Bill Thompson, Saturday night, YWN has learned.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Councilman David Greenfield, Agudah’s Rabbi Chaim David Zwiebel and Rabbi Moshe David Neiderman of UJO were in attendance, according to a source who was at the meeting.

The host, Mr. Biederman mentioned the fact that Mr. de Blasio will make history as mayor of NYC who’ll be surrounded by so many Jewish friends and as someone who knows the community’s issues first hand.

Mr. Hikind, who did not publicly endorse Mr. de Blasio as he did for Bill Thompson and Mike Bloomberg (in 2005), told the leaders attending the event that they have recently spent a shabbos together with their families. “I have no doubt that Bill de Blasio will be the best mayor New York City has ever had,” said Mr. Hikind.

Mr. De Blasio thanked the community for coming together in support of his candidacy. He also promised to restore priority 7 and 5 vouchers for special needs children, as well as after-School vouchers.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

8 Responses

  1. They and any frum Yid that vote for him should be embarrassed of themselves. There are times that Yiddishkeit should come before your pocketbooksa and this is one of them. How any frum Yid could vote for Di Blasio and still respect himself is beyond me!!!!!

  2. THIS will put de Blasio over the top. The election is close; neck-and-neck, and this endorsement makes all the difference for former Dinkins administration aise Mr. de Blasio.

  3. Unfortunately, this left wing ultra Liberal Menivel is leading in the polls and may just win. Too bad New York is going from bad to worse.

    Torah values loses this round. $$$$$$’s win.

    Vote for Lhota because his view are closer to your views than DeBallsio.

  4. I hope nobody gives a penny when they come collecting & crying for the legal fund to fight Metzizah B’peh that will soon be illegal in NYC under the Blasio administration!

    They are a lousy roll model to fellow Orthodox Jews!

    You vote your mind not the winner!

    In NJ elections recently Cory Booker was the sure winner for US Senate yet Orthodox Jews all voted for Steve Lonegan because they’re conscious didn’t allow them to vote for someone so immoral and despicable!


  5. Does Hikind have a crystal ball to make a bold prediction like ““I have no doubt that Bill de Blasio will be the best mayor New York City has ever had,”. Sorry Dov “Blackface” Hikind I have my doubts. I guess he has a lot of goodies coming in for this type of statement.

  6. What a disgrace that our “community leaders” have no common sense. He wants to end stop and frisk and surveillance of the muslim community, both of which or crucial measures that have kept us safe in the past. Most importantly our leading gedolim have forbade voting for someone who supports “redefining marriage”.For these reasons and more their endorsement is a slap in the face to all torah jews

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