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Audio: Councilman Greenfield Pushes Back Against Opponent’s ‘Blatant Lies’

gf[AUDIO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] On the eve of elections day, Councilman David Greenfiel, who’s battling anonymous attack groups and an opponent who’s challenging him on his merits and values in his reelection bid, wnet on the radio to push back against the negative ads and the distortion of his record.

“The worst thing about politics is when people decide to sling mud,” Mr. Greenfield told Talkline Network Radio host, Zev Brenner. “I have an opponent who, quite frankly, I’ve never heard of. I had to Google it myself to figure out who this guy was, and I found out that he doesn’t live in our community and that he has run for office for four times and lost every single time. This fellow who’s running against me, we have no idea who he is, where he comes from, what Shul he davens in and who is Rov is, nothing. No information.

Mr. Greenfield called Mr. Hayon’s attacks ‘blatant lies’ and the charges against his record in government ‘disappointing.’

“I never funded groups that go against our community. That’s ridiculous. We only fund groups that are from the community and for the community,” he said, adding that he brought over $200 Million in funds for various Chesed organizations and first responders groups.

The councilman also repudiated his opponent’s charge that he supports candidates who don’t support our values. “I support Bill de Blasio (for mayor), and yes! Mr. de Blasio among other things supports same-gender marriage,” he asserted. “But so does the entire Orthodox Jewish establishment support Bill de Blasio. So, this idea that [Hayon] is going out there and saying ‘David Greenfield supports candidates who support same-gender marriage’ is so ridicules, because the reality is that these candidates we are supporting are for the best interest of our community. And the attempt of creating an issue is absurd.”

Mr. Greenfield also expressed his outrage at the campaign of Mr. Hayon for drafting a fraudulent letter of support by Senator Simcha Felder, who is fact, issued a letter of support for his successor, the incumbent Councilman. “What an outrage. What a Chutzpah. How despicable? How low can you go, when you can fraudulently claim that a NYS Senator, who’s the most respected elected official in our community, is endorsing you? Mr. Greenfield asked in dismay. “This guy has no shame and no values.”

Mr. Greenfield asked voters for a vote of trust, to reelect him not only “”based on my record and credibility” but also to send a message that “we will not take this kind of despicable, disgusting and lowbrow politics in our community, especially in the frum and heimish community.”

Listen to audio of the full interview:

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. C’mon, Greenfield has no serious opposition. He’s a shoe-in for reelection. He’ll even win with a bigger margin than de Blasio for crying out loud. Why does he have to make so much noise??

  2. I also dot know who is running against Greenfeld but he has my vote for sure however I know this comment won’t be posted on YWN cause Greenfeld is the editor of YWN as was reported in the media.

    Moderators Note: Ok Ok. You’re proud of yourself now? We just spoke to Councilman Greenfield, and he gave us editorial permission to approve your comment. Now shaifela, it’s past your bedtime, and I don’t want Rebbi to be angry that you will sleep during class, so please go to Mommy and have your botty, your tzumy, and a clean diaper, and go shlufy.


    (We are just wondering if the “50” in your email address is after your street, or your age……something tells us it’s the age. Like we said….”Neeebuch”.)

  3. Joseph hayon is trash. He shouldn’t be running at all for election. He cheats from people and takes advantage of people. I know first hand because he is doing it to my family. May Hashem punish him for all the horrible things he is doing.

  4. Yhink of the awesome kiddush Shaim Shomayim if the Jewish communities all supported a conservative candidate by a large margin. He might even have a chance to win if everyone who can, votes.

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