Why Is A Neo-Nazi Receiving Medical Treatment In Israel?

Neo-Nazi Artyom Moshansky (Telegram); Protester outside Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv.

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Protests have been taking place for the past few days outside Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv, where a senior Neo-Nazi is currently receiving medical treatment.

Artyom Moshansky, a senior member of the Nazi Corps, a pro-Nazi organization, was shot in his native Ukraine on June 30 and seriously injured. Unbelievably enough, he was flown to Israel, the country of the very Jews he rails against, for treatment. His neo-Nazi friends escorted his ambulance holding torches, according to a Ynet report that cited a Ukrainian source.

Moshansky’s private Cessna plane landed at Ben-Gurion Airport on July 10 and he was admitted to Assuta Hospital.

During the protest on Tuesday, Dr. Hadar Maron, one of the hospital’s directors, spoke to the protesters, telling them that the hospital is obligated to provide medical treatment for every patient who shows up. The organizer of the protest, Guy Sandel, told the media that in the course of the protest, the police told him that Moshansky has been transferred to another location.

Israel is a very popular medical tourism destination, especially from countries with poor medical services such as Ukraine.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Israel is now so corrupt that admitting Artyom Moshansky into Israel, but denying entry for we authentic regular Jews.
    This is too abominable even for words or one’s conscience.

  2. Assuta is correct, Medicine and Politics dont mix. We let Hashem settle Cheshbonos. Israel treats many Muslims who then spit on (literally), curse and hate their life-savers. Turning away a bad person is a slippery slope, where does it begin and end. At the end of the day, our consciouses are clear.

  3. Israel is correct to test him. Denying people treatment based on their beliefs, no matter how objectionable, is a bad idea and can be expanded to deny treatment to anyone the government doesn’t like.

  4. I can’t even begin to understand this. Somebody turns up at the hospital who happens to be a Neo Nazi and the policy is you have to help them…..really. I know we are a beautiful nation built on Chesed but this is not chesed. There is no halacha where you are suppose to help the enemy of your people and of your G-d!

  5. While Hitler kept seeing his Jewish doctor long after he had started persecuting Jews (so there is a precedent for hating Jews while going to a Jewish doctor), a more likely explanation is that these Ukrainians “Nazis” have redefined Nazism (which in World War II favored a status for Ukrainians similar to what African Americans had in the United States under Jim Crow, while enlisting many Ukrainians to fight the Communists) such that while involving militant anti-Russian nationalism, does not to include anti-Semitism.

  6. Assuta is a private hospital, not a public one. It was not the country or the government that decided to treat him but rather a private institution which chose to do so for money. There is no moral imperative to treat a patient who chooses to fly in from afar to receive treatment he could have received at home or elsewhere. Prima facie, shame on Assuta.

  7. Why the huge fuss now, when Israeli hospitals have long been treating Arab activists who not only support terrorism but are actually personally involved in terrorism, which this character is not? If there are no protests or demonstrations when they are treated, Mah nishtana halayla hazeh?

  8. תני רבי אבהו קמיה דר’ יוחנן: העובדי כוכבים ורועי בהמה דקה – לא מעלין ולא מורידין, אבל המינין והמסורות והמומרים – היו מורידין ולא מעלין

    From MBD Happy Days: A generation all confused. Where everything goes. Where right and wrong’s the same. Even sin has lost it’s shame. Perhaps the final chapter’s just begun…

  9. “כל שנעשה רחמן על האכזרים, לסוף נעשה אכזר על רחמנים” (ר’ אלעזר, מדרש תנחומא לפרשת מצורע)

  10. to 147 & Shushu8 – I couldn’t agree more.

    to Ohevet Yisroel – and where have our “clear consciences” gotten us? The world loves us because we show so much humanitarianism?

    I am sick & tired of pandering to our enemies. Send this mamzer back to die a dog’s death in Ukraine.