Supreme Court Addresses Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Race


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chnThe Supreme Court on Wednesday, 3 Kislev 5774 accepted a petition representing the non-chareidi population of Yerushalayim pertaining to the inaction surrounding elections for chief rabbis of the capital. The court directed the Ministry of Religious Services to explain within 90 days why the election process in the capital is not underway.

Submitting the petition was attorney Ilan Kaminetzsky, one of the eligible voters for the city’s rabbis as a representative of a Zionist shul in the capital. In the petition he cites that it has been well over a decade since the city has had chief rabbis.

The court issued a show cause order against the ministry, demanding a response within 90 days or alternatively, to hold elections.

After the court responded to the petition, Kaminetzsky told reporters he is confident the ministry will now expedite elections in the capital.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)