“We’re At War:” Israel’s COVID Czar Reveals Dramatic Rise In Deaths

A worker from 'Hevra Kadisha,' Israel's official Jewish burial society, prepares bodies at a special morgue for COVID-19 victims in Holon, near Tel Aviv, October 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

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Israel’s coronavirus czar Salman Zarka said on Wednesday that Israel is at war with COVID as Israel grapples with a mounting fatality rate.

Israel has confirmed over 120 coronavirus deaths in the past week alone, twice the number of deaths in the entire month of July and over 15 times the number of deaths in the month of June.

Speaking at a hearing of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee regarding restrictions intended to quell the virus outbreak, Zarka said: “I think that we’re in a real war. We’re in a critical situation until erev Rosh Hashana or chalilah, the coronavirus will prevail and we’ll reach scenarios we don’t want, like during the first or second lockdown.”

“I’m not trying to scare anyone, this is the data,” Zarka said. “Eight people died in June, 52 in July, and now in the middle of August, 203 have already died. We can’t question the situation. This ‘maybe’ means Israeli lives.”

Zarka emphasized that the current restrictions are not enough to reduce the infection rate and he thinks gatherings should be limited to 50 indoors and 100 outdoors but the members of the coronavirus cabinet rejected his recommendation.

“My foremost thoughts in my position is preserving life and I think we need to take additional measures. Right now, this is the cabinet’s decision. We’re adhering to it and therefore my opinion is what we’re presenting here is not enough.”

Other health experts at the hearing confirmed Zarka’s evaluation of the matter. Prof. Eli Waxman of the Weizmann Institute of Science, who advises the National Security Council, told the committee: “All the parameters are doubling and the third vaccine alone will not stop the issue. I would recommend taking stronger measures – the Green Pass is not enough. Lenience in regulations now will lead to a much worse situation later on.”

“In two weeks we’ll have to enact much stricter regulations because the pandemic isn’t going to stop,” he warned.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. My foremost thoughts in my position is preserving life But Bennett only care about keeping himself in power, even if this entails every Israeli dying to Corona to keep himself in power.

    Rather than focus on lockdowns, focus on holding people down against their will, and “force-vaccinating” them, until every Israeli over 5 years old is vaccinated, with literately Zero exceptions. Even if someone has to be dragged out & held against their will kicking & screaming, so be it until these anti vaxxer parasites are all vaccinated for the good of everyone else {& of-course as a side benefit:- for their own good too}.

  2. Keep on giving these covid shots…it’s working so amazingly well to the point that the brainwashed sheeps’ only recourse is to point to those who are not “vaccinated” and claim them to be the problem…yep, that is the problem why these so-called “vaccinations” are (not) working because those who didn’t take the shot are casting a continous spell on the “vaccines” and on the “vaccinated” preventing the shots from actually doing what vaccines are supposed to do which is prevent infections in those who have taken vaccinations.

  3. Eighteen months and a hundred lockdowns in, and people still don’t realize that a government cannot stop an epidemic. I don’t even understand why people ever accepted the premise in the first place.

    Government cannot control nature. The fact that it purports to be able to, is arrogance of the lowest order, and is completely laughable.

    They should do what they can in terms of preparing for the worst, and leave the people alone; the virus will spread (and then stop) on its own merry schedule, regardless of what a government commands it to do.

  4. 147, you have the decision making pat, you know how to make decisions.
    Do you have the knowledge necessary to make decisions? have you gone to school and studied the science involved?
    1, Do you include Covid recovered as anti vaxxers?
    2, Do you know of people that would be high risk to be vaccinated?
    3, Are any vaccines accepted as safe after testing by the USA? Are they approved by the FDA? PS: None are fully approved.
    If your answers to the above show a lack of knowledge, please go back to whatever rock you crawled out of, go to College to get a BS degree and go into a Health Science field.

  5. Have to comment on 147 horrific comment. Absolutely disgusting and totally oblivious to reality as well. Anti vaxxer parasites??? The percentage of people who were anti vaxxer before this Covid vax was probably 5-10%. There is a far higher percentage refusing this vaccine for myriad reasons. They are not idiots neither are they parasites. They have SERIOUS concerns. Perhaps they had Covid. Perhaps they saw someone have a severe reaction. For you to make a blanket statement that they are flat out wrong and therefore must be forced into a medical procedure that may harm them is reminiscent of Germany. I know people who have medical conditions – people who have suffered cancer recently, or strokes. I know two people with bleeding and clotting disorders. These are real people with real concerns. They don’t want the vaccine. It’s their lives they are worried about.
    The real moronic part of all of this is that most of the people in Israel’s hospitals are vaccinated. The vaccine isn’t even working. Yet for a defective untested drug that’s failing rapidly you would take away people’s autonomy ?? Forcibly inject them with a brand new experimental drug with no long term data? Are you going to pay their medical bills if they suffer serious side effects? Take care of their children?
    I’m sickened that people actually think what you are thinking.
    How horrible that you would take away the only inalienable right humans have- the decision of how to take care of the own bodies, for POSSIBLY having them avoid spreading Covid, which doesn’t even seem to be the case.

  6. Literally it’s like a bad movie.
    The “magic bullet” isn’t working so the solution is to keep using it?? More! Give more! Another one! Find the ones who haven’t and make them take it too!!!
    This is just a way to distract attention from the fact that the vaccine immunity is rapidly failing and no population will ever achieve herd immunity using it.
    Recently an American naval ship with 100% , yes ONE HUNDRED percent vaccination rates, had an outbreak. If they didn’t have herd immunity , achieving it in regular society is a pipe dream.

  7. So many opinions, Yet Hashem prevails. At this point it is up to each individual to decide how much protection they want. It is the sick who pay the price of their or their friends/relatives neglegence. Ask anyone who is sick how much fun it is. Ask those in Corona units how pleasant it is. Ask the families affected how their lives have changed.
    The health care workers have already told us they can not take care of this. Shaarei Zedek and Ramban have gone on record that the workers are exhausted and understaffed. Yet people want to party, travel, have fun, indulge in high risk activities. See where that gets you.
    This is an expensive pandemic and I can assure you we are all paying the price in so many ways. But keep to the simple rules to reduce spread? Nope, we want to have our fun….

  8. The Israeli data shows that the majority of deaths are amongst non-vaccinated or single-vaccinated individuals.
    There are still 1 million Israelis not vaccinated. That’s plenty of people to get sick and die. 200 deaths is alot, but it does not prove anything about vaccines not working.

  9. Nytimes today “Israel, Once the Model for Beating Covid, Faces New Surge of Infections
    One of the most vaccinated societies, Israel now has one of the highest infection rates in the world, raising questions about the vaccine’s efficacy.” When even the NYtimes has to start admitting the outright failure maybe it is time for all the vaccine worshippers who hailed Israel for leading the way in “beating covid” to do a little introspection and take a fresh look? Instead we have the likes of 147. More vaccines more shots.

  10. 147, what if in 3 years it becomes evident that 30% of ppl who were vaccinated with mRNA can’t have kids?
    Or 20% will die of myocaditis within 3 years? How is that going to fit into “precerving life”?
    Remember, the same guy who keeps open our southen border, and ordered “imbacilic” US withdrowal from Afganistan, is on the same page as you when it comes to vaccinating everyone by all means.
    Lockdowns couse more covid death because they don’t allow natural herd immunity to occur.
    Vaccine induced herd immunity seems anttainable for now!