Outrageous: Virus Spread In Chareidi Areas Due To Gov’t Failure, Israeli Health Official Says

Photo: Shuki Lehrer

Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the head of the Health Ministry’s Public Health division, told Kikar H’Shabbat in an interview on Wednesday that the reason for the rise in the infection rate in the Chareidi sector is due to the opening of the school year without a COVID plan in place.

She said that Health Ministry officials formulated a plan for Chareidi schools months before Elul but the approval for the plan’s budget [controlled by Finance Minister Avigdor Leiberman] was continuously delayed and ultimately was not approved in time.

She added that the recent significant rise in the infection rate in the Chareidi sector is clearly tied to the opening of the school year on Rosh Chodesh Elul, which led to the situation today of almost all Chareidi cities now designated as red zones.

Another Kikar H’Shabbat report on Wednesday said that there is a huge virus outbreak in yeshivos, also due to the fact that no plan was put in place by the government prior to Rosh Chodesh Elul.

“I’m shocked at the statement of Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis regarding the government’s neglect of the children of the Chareidi community by rejecting the plan formulated by the Health Ministry ahead of Elul,” UTJ MK Yaakov Litzman said in response to the report.

“This is criminal behavior on the part of the Bennett-Lapid-Lieberman-Sa’ar government, which simply abandoned hundreds of children without a proper solution during the spread of the pandemic and increasing morbidity. I demand that a thorough investigation be carried out regarding this omission, which borders on pikuach nefesh.”

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri said: “The statements of Dr. Alroy-Preis are another proof that the Bennet-Lapid-Lieberman government is trying to harm the Chareidi sector as much as possible. The decision not to approve the plan led to the complete abandonment of children attending Chareidi schools, who are victims of the whims of the prime minister and finance minister.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. With all respect, WHY would the School administrators open on rosh chodesh Elul w/o the proper contingency plans in place to deal with what was even then an already increasing Covid outbreak in EY and younger students who could be vaccinanted. They don’t want the government involved in any of their planning or activities other than government subsidies.

  2. Charedi schools don’t need the government to solve their problems, and to control them.

    This is just a pretext for pointing fingers at political apponents.

  3. Where are the Principals? Dont rely on this misguided government to protect you, the schools have to make their own plan according to what is good for the school.

  4. So, they are not just trying the chareidim to abandon to Torah choliloh, but are actively trying to kill them choliloh – Hashem Yerachem!

  5. Interesting that there is currently a 50 million shekel lawsuit because of the Meron disaster. Seems to me that withholding a budget in the case of a NATIONAL emergency (which this COVID thing has long been called) deserves a much more serious and legitimate lawsuit to the tune of how many trillions?