Republican Candidate For NJ Governor, Jack Ciattarelli Visits Lakewood For Second Time


Republican candidate for NJ Governor, Jack Ciattarelli, was supposed to visit the Misameach Organization last week while he was visiting Lakewood, but he had to leave for an emergency that came up. He fulfilled his promise and came back today special to meet the Misameach family.

Jack stopped by the Misameach Family Center and spent time with the children, played games with them and conversed with the volunteers. He got a glimpse of a day at Misameach!

Ciattarelli’s first visit caused controversy when the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva released a letter blasting those who had brought him into B.M.G. without any permission from the Yeshiva administration.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. We need to unite and vote for this man who will be a better option than power hungry Murphy who is just waiting till after election to impose mandates for vaccination

  2. Didn’t we learn yet? A vote for a DemocRAT is a vote for a stab in the back of all Yidden. Do your research before you vote. Look and see what every DemocRAT promised before they got elected then look and see what they actually did. DemocRATs are all anti Torah Values. Yidden have to learn to not vote for ANY DemocRAT. Once they get into office they forget their campaign promises. We need to vote straight Republican. Biden/Harris got elected because Stupid people believed them and voted for them. Now it’s too late to do anything about them until the next election. Don’t make the same mistake with Murphy. Vote for Ciattarelli.