Berland & Wife Detained For Alleged Involvement In MURDER Cases; Cult Followers Get Violent During Arrest [VIDEOS]


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Israel Police on Monday detained imprisoned Rabbi Eliezer Berland for questioning regarding his alleged involvement in the murders of Nissim Shitrit and Avi Edri over 30 years ago.

The murders are suspected to have been perpetrated by members of Berland’s Shuva Banim movement and police suspect that he may have played a role in ordering the murders.

Berland returned to prison just last week to serve a five-month sentence for fraud, exploitation, attempted intimidation, tax offenses, and money laundering.

Later on Monday, police arrested his wife, Tehilla Berland, as a suspect in the case.

Violent confrontations broke out outside the Berland apartment in the Choma HaShilishit neighborhood in Jerusalem between police and Shuvu Banim followers as the arrest was carried out.

A large number of Shuvu Banim followers continued protesting Berland’s arrest outside the Russian Compound near the Jerusalem Magistrate’s court.

Israel Police prepared a large number of forces to maintain public order in the area.

On Sunday, police arrested two additional suspects, residents of Jerusalem in their 60s and 70s, for alleged involvement in the cases. Five other suspects are currently in detention.

As YWN reported, a significant development in the murder cases occurred on Thursday when one of the suspects signed a state witness agreement. At least two of the suspects detained by police are cooperating with the police and have volunteered details about the cases to investigators.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is exactly why have a tefilla for the welfare of the government. The forces of reason, order, and responsibility versus insane, deranged primitives.

  2. Sent this karziot to Iran. they dont work take Money fro mthe state,kill people and have no behavior,thats all under ther rules we are chareidim we may do everything a shame of does ganovim

  3. Was wondering why his wife had remained with him even after it was proven he’d taken advantage of other women. She has no choice, she’s literally his murder accomplice.

  4. Like Lev Tahor just another garabge, Judism doesn’t need.

    Still anyone surpriced why so many young Jews are leaving religion and wanna study in universities??…

  5. Oy, YWN, why did you have to show the nazis right alongside the unfortunate misguided cult members of the Berland cockroach…? Now my hatred is all confused… whom to aim it at…? Oy.

  6. The prosecutors and police bear much of the responsibility for allowing this pervert and felon out of prison. Lock him up and throw away the key. End of story.

  7. This whole story just doesn’t add up the rabbi was supposed to come out of jail with the month and return home and then they “happen “to find a 30 yr old murder case if you say he took money from people oh I can Guarantee that there is more money people given to judges wittiness to pay then to keep they rabbi in jail this whole story just does add people use your head think ….what do u gain by putting down another yid. Anyone that talks bad about another yid I do not envy their genhenim Especially talking about a Rabbi please use you head people