Bennett Bows To US Pressure, Scraps Plan For Chareidi Neighborhood In Jerusalem

PM Bennett and President Biden. (Avi Ohayon/GPO)

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told Biden administration officials on Thursday that his government will not advance the plan to construct a new neighborhood in east Jerusalem following condemnation of the move by the US, Walla reported.

The plan for the new Chareidi neighborhood in Atarot was approved by the Jerusalem City Council’s Planning and Building Committee last week but it has now been removed from the next step in its authorization – a meeting of the Finance Ministry’s District Committee for Planning and Building on December 6.

“What a shame that a man who made his political fortune through right-wing pressure is folding so quickly in the face of American and European pressure,” said Matan Peleg, the head of the Tirtzu organization, which seeks to strengthen Israel’s Jewish and Zionist identity.

“Jerusalem must be strengthened. Every message of weakness is translated into the actual division of the city and the deepening of foreign collaboration…Naftali Bennett…whoever voted for you is ashamed of you today.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Is Bennett smart or dim? Can he play real politics or just roll over and be stamped on. Is this a free gift or have the Americans abandoned plans to open a Palestinian Embassy in Jerusalem in return for this gift? If that is the case it may well be worth it.

  2. I’m not actually sure this is such a bad thing. Thia new Chareidi neighborhood in “Yerushalayim” is actually past Ramot, smack in the middle of (and right next door to) an Arab “refugee camp” and a few Arab towns, and on the map looks very close to Ramallah! I wouldn’t want my kids living there…