HATE IN LA: Antisemitic Flyers Placed in Yards of Beverly Hills Homes


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The LAPD is investigating after someone put antisemitic leaflets in the front yards of several Beverly Hills homes on the first night of Chanukah.

The flyers contained “propaganda style hate speech related to the Covid pandemic and the Jewish people” across “several blocks of the northeast area of the city,” according to police.

“Every single aspect of the Covid agenda is Jewish,” the flyers claimed.

A small group gathered at Beverly Hills City Hall to show that they will not be deterred by the antisemitic flyers, and proclaiming their Jewish pride.

“The message of Chanukah – a little bit of light, with a lot of joy, dispels tons and tons of darkness,” said Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, the West Coast director of Chabad California.

“They accused the Jewish people for starting Covid, which is ridiculous,” a Beverly Hills resident, Richard Maize, said.

“Jew or non-Jew, you should be outraged,” said Rabbi Chaim Mentz of Chabad. “How can this happen?”

“Hate speech and hate crimes are reprehensible at any time, said Beverly Hills Mayor Bob Wunderlich. “But here we are. We’re embarking on a time period which should be family and friend celebrations. We just finished Thanksgiving weekend. We’re moving on to the holiday season… this is a time the community should be getting together. This is the opposite of a time that there should be hate crime or hate speech. We, as a community, have to be above that.”

Anyone with information or surveillance footage of the incident is asked to call 310-550-4951.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This is the worst kind of propaganda – it is a vicious lie intended to cause a pogrom, but other than the first sentence, they say nothing but the truth. We all know that there is no conspiracy other than the fierce desire of most Jews to save lives and help mankind. But how can we convince reasonable people of that?

  2. they must be kidding…the cure will come from a JEWISH source…

    let us see what they say then…

    “sorry i will pass (away) rather then use a JEW invention)…hahaha

  3. Aside from the very first & last sentences, what part of the flyer is not true?

    As a matter of fact they’re selling us short, it was the Israeli Jews…
    – who Guinea Pigged this mRNA experiment for the whole world,
    – who introduced the concept of vaccine mandates & access restrictions,
    – who first created the vax QR pass,
    – who first introduced the third booster dose,
    – who first introduced mandatory cell phone contract racing,
    What in the world have we done this time to ourselves on the rest of the world?
    I fear of falls very short from:
    רק עם חכם ונבון הגוי הגדול הזה