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MK Stern: One Chief City Rabbi for a 10 Year Term

sternThe Ministerial Legislative Committee on Sunday, 28 Kislev 5774 is discussing a bill presented by MK (The Movement) Elazar Stern that will amend today’s situation that only one city chief rabbi will be appointed, either Ashkenazi or Sephardi but not both as is the rule today. In addition, the appointment will not be a ‘job for life’ but for a ten-year term. They will be eligible to run for a second term.

Some of the details of Stern’s bill include;

1. The chief rabbi of a city must be between 40-70, similar to that age parameters set for the nation’s chief rabbis.

2. Women must be on the body that elects the city chief rabbis.

3. Only one chief rabbi will be elected.

4. The appointment will be for a 10-year term.

Stern writes on his Facebook page that having two chief rabbis only serves to widen the gap between segments of Israeli society. His bill comes on the heels the Chief Rabbi of Israel Bill which permits the election of only one chief rabbi in the future, not two as has been the case to date.

He adds that “tens of millions” will be saved annually and these funds “can be used for more challenging social and economic programs”.

Stern explains “I am ashamed but have no alternative as the rabbinate too must have set terms and fewer positions towards eliminating waste of public funds which will probably lead to minimizing Chilul Hashem which exists today as a result of too many jobs and functionaries.”


The Ministerial Committee has approved the bill, permitting it to move ahead. The only objection was from the committee’s Bayit Yehudi representative.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. “Women must be on the body that elects the city chief rabbis.” What a nes Chanukah that he doesn’t insist on women being part of the selection list for Chief Rabbis.

    “He adds that “tens of millions” will be saved annually and these funds” but there’s enough money to pay for Prime Minister as well as for a useless President, and there’s enough money to pay for gay parents, gay parades and other filth and immoralities.

    Hopefully there’ll be a stop to Chief Rabbis being paid this tamei government but elected and paid by charedim only.

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