Rav Eliyahu On Shuvu Banim Murders: “Gemara Warns Us Of Power Of False Torah”


The Rav of Tzfas, HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu, addressed the news reports on Sunday about Binyamin Ze’evi, the son of former MK Rechavem Ze’evi, who was identified as one of the suspects in the murder of Nissim Shitrit 35 years ago.

Rav Eliyahu lamented the fact that after serving in an elite army unit, Ze’evi drew closer to Yiddishkeit but instead of drawing close to the “Torah that brings life to the world, he was captivated by a ‘Torah’ that brought him to murder and death. Instead of ‘its ways are ways of pleasantness and its paths are peace,’ he was led to murder for reasons of ‘kedusha and yiras Shamayim.’ What a chillul Hashem. What heartache.”

“Our chachamim in the Gemara recognized the koach of false Torah, saying: ‘Why does it say about the Aron HaBris in the Kodesh HaKedoshim: ‘Cover it within and without’? Rabba said: ‘A talmid chacham whose inside is not the same as his outside is not a talmid chacham.’ Abaye says that we need to despise a talmid chacham like that.”

“Rebbe Shmuel bar Nachmani says: ‘Oiy to talmidei chachamim like these because they themselves will suffer at the end.’ Rebbe Yehoshua ben Levi says that a Torah like this can lead to death.”

“What is the meaning of the words: ‘And this is the Torah that Moshe put (sam)? ‘The Torah is a sam (medicine) for life for one who is zocheh. For someone who is not zohech, it is a sam (drug) for death (Yoma 72:2).’ And this what happened to Berland and his followers.”

“In order to market this false Torah, the fake tzaddikim dress up in lofty tzidkus,” Rav Eliyahu continued. “Their peyos are the longest, their tefillos are with the most deveikus. Their kedushah is the loftiest. They tell everyone that their Torah is the truest. It’s all sheker, it’s to cover up the fact that inside they have no emunah, no yiras Shamayim and no Derech Eretz.”

“It’s a fake Torah from which they extracted only its chitzonus and underneath are outer casings of sheker. It’s the Torah of Doeg HaAdomi and Yeravam ben Nevat. It’s the Torah of the worst destroyers of Beis Yisrael.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I ma not clear if berland or bennett is more dangerous? & more lethaL?
    But am very clear that both their names commence “be” and are both absolutely persona-non Grata

  2. Very true point. Just that we don’t know if Binyamin Zeevi has any connection to this whole story other than that one of the cult members said so. Which means nothing.

  3. It has been well know over the past 200 years that Breslov is a destructive force. This is proof positve unfortunately. The gedolim from the previous gererations warned us about them in the strongest possible way. R’ Moshe M’Savran said “ People must distance themselves from the Breslovers in every possible way….Do not send any of your children to a Breslover teacher. The Torah he teaches will rot in their innards and turn them into atheists.”

  4. The Falsehood, you are a rasha and a mecharcher riv. Anyone who said the things you cite was NOT A GADOL. The Savraner Rov was WRONG about Breslov, just as the GRA was wrong about Chassidus in general.

  5. Breelov is totally fine when its the connection forged with Erlicha Breslov people. These perverts call themselves Breslov to just fool innocent people. Many Breslov people are pure and holy. A few garbage people cannot throw thousands of erlich people under the rug.
    Rav Nachman was a holy man. Some people interpret him in ways that r defntly peculiar yet are absolutely erlich.
    This Berland cult is a whole different story. It reminds me of the Lev Tahor crazed people that identify as a fringed group of Satmar and anti Zionist, when its false. If Zionists wld accept them, theyl fall for them. Fact.
    We live in a far too crazed world to absorb it all.