REVEALED: Former MK Rechavam Ze’evi’s Son Is 1 Of The Shuvu Banim Murder Defendants

Nissim Shitrit, z'l

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The name of one of the defendants in the murder of Nissim Shitrit 35 years ago was revealed on Sunday as Binyamin Ze’evi, the son of former MK Rechavam (“Gandhi”) Ze’evi, z’l, who was assassinated by Palestinian terrorists in 2001.

Ze’evi, in his 60s, was arrested over a month ago, and in a rare step, his name was still banned for publication even after an indictment was filed against him and a second defendant, Baruch Sharvit, on Friday. Ze’evi’s attorney repeatedly requested a gag order on the publication of his client’s name due to fear of threats against him and his family due to his familial ties. The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court was considering the requests and meanwhile, a gag order was placed on the publication of his name until Sunday, when it was cleared for publication.

Ze’evi had maintained his right to remain silent during the course of his interrogations but following the cross-examination of several suspects, the police were able to substantiate the prosecutor’s statement against him.

According to the indictment, Ze’evi and others acted on behalf of the Mishmeret Hatznius of Shuvu Banim on the order of its leader Eliezer Berland to cause Shitrit to “do teshuvah.” They kidnapped Shitrit, brought him to the Eshtaol Forest near Beit Shemesh, beat him to death, and buried him in the area.

Ze’evi’s lawyer claimed that his client, who left Shuvu Banim many years ago, has nothing to do with the kidnapping or murder, further claiming that the suspicions against Ze’evi are based on the sole testimony of Baruch Sharvit who was ordered by Berland to confess to his actions.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Good Morning, with all the respect, Zeevi was killed for being a Jew, by cold blooded Palestinian Terrorists, So Instead of writing “Rechavam (“Gandhi”) Ze’evi, z’l,” who was assassinated by Palestinian terrorists in 2001.How about writing HY”D instead of Z”L, why don’t you think his blood is Jewish Blood, our Brethren, נקום נקמת דם וכו

  2. So basically Berland told his follower to take revenge on people that left his cult and “confess” that all people that had any connection to anything but woke up and left the cult actually did things that they clearly deny all so that the real murderers that are still in his cult can get away with whatever they want. Rocket scientist

  3. okay2, bingo. Basically this is revenge, there is no proof of anything just the words of a deranged individual told by Berland what to “confess”. “Rocket scientists” indeed.