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Parents Plead For Your Help To Convince FDA To Help Save Their Child With A Brain Tumor R”L

cancer.jpgThe Cohen family, of Houston, TX, is facing a battle none of us should have to go through – aggressive brain cancer in their 6-year old son Refael Elisha. Having recently received the devastating news from their doctors that “there is nothing more we can do for him”, the Cohens are turning to a last resort – Antineoplaston Therapy at the Burzyinski clinic. However, the FDA pulled their approval for this treatment in 2012 pending further clinical trials. We are told that the FDA is nearing approval to resume this treatment, but Refael Elisha does not have time to wait.

The FDA has the power to approve a “compassionate use exemption” so Refael Elisha can undergo this therapy to try and save his life.

We are asking the FDA to grant this exemption so we can continue to fight for his life. Please sign the petition by clicking HERE.

The following is a personal plea from Mrs. Devorah Cohen:

Our six-year-old son, Refael Elisha, was diagnosed with a rare malignant brain tumor. There is a medication which may save his life, as well as that of two other children, but the FDA has not made it available yet. If we can obtain 100,000 signatures, the FDA will have to address this pressing issue.

We are asking the FDA to grant us a compassionate use of an experimental medication that may have the potential to save the life of our 6-year old and two other kids with rare brain cancer.

We strongly believe that we can accomplish this. I am asking you to please sign the petition and forward this to your friends and ask them to sign. It takes only few minutes!

Please help us help Rafael Elisha and other kids to get this medication.

Thank you in advance,

Yaakov & Devorah Cohen
Houston, TX.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

13 Responses

  1. The FDA is a Federal agency, controlled by the political Chevra in Congress. Congress is controlled, in turn, by the big money men who provide the campaign contributions that get everyone reelected (how many thousands did YOU send to your local congressman?).

    The big drug companies are major players in this game. They must protect their monopolies.

    Alternative therapies directly threaten these monopolies.

    Therefore, the FDA, responsive to Congress, who are responsive to their contributors will block the licensing of any technique that threatens to cure cancer without drugs, radiation or surgery.

    In Washington, everone follows the “Golden Rule.”–Whoever has the gold, makes the rules.

    I wish the family good luck iin their quest for a cure. The only hope is to publicise this corrupt FDA bureauracy and shine the light on their malicious practices.

    If you succeed in getting enough publicity, these rats will scurry back into their rat’s nests where they belong.

  2. I hate to be this guy, but Stanislaw Burzynski has been under a LOT of scrutiny for the many issues with what he offers, and “Antineoplaston Therapy” has absolutely no evidence to support the fact that it helps cancer, despite the fact that it been in practice since 1984.

  3. My heart goes out to this boy and his family, may he have a refuah shelimah besoch shaar cholei yisroel bkarov.
    I don’t mean to rain on the parade, but who said this therapy is any better than drinking carrot juice.
    According to the National Cancer Institute, “No randomized controlled trials showing the effectiveness of antineoplastons have been published in peer-reviewed scientific literature.” A Mayo Clinic study found no benefit from antineoplaston treatment. In particular, independent scientists have been unable to reproduce the positive results reported in Burzynski’s studies.
    Moreover, the petition states “We are told that the FDA is nearing approval to resume this treatment”, who exactly did the telling.
    I understand that when there are no options, people, especially those in our community, try anything. While I am not questioning the reliability of Dr. Burzynski and his clinic, as others do, I do believe that there are physicians who make a lot of money promising unattainable results. If a reliable rov or physician encourages the community to sign this petition, than by all means we should, but until then there is no mitzvah to follow the herd and promise false hope where there is none to offer.
    Again, wishing Refael Elisha Meir ben Devorah a full and speedy recovery.

  4. To the dear Cohen family try contacting congressman Chris Smith NJ he is know to be able to move mountains have a Lakewood Askan contact him for you

  5. To all those who have questioned the efficacy of this alternative therapy, it has a better track record than the standard therapies of cut, burn and drug.

    If you order the DVD about Dr. Burzynski, you will learn that the FDA has hauled him into court to stop him four times (double jeapordy?), and they lost their case against him each time. That’s why they have not succeeded in closing him down.

    Also, shockingly, one of the FDA officials who participated in that witch hunt against the doctor, filed a patent for an almost identical therapy, which was obviously a knock-off of his secret formula, which he had to divulge to the FDA during their many failed prosecutions.

    The judges threw the FDA out of court four times, because his patients testified overwhelmingly to his success in treating them.

    Do you now understand why the Cohen family wants him to treat their child?

    Remember, the Government also promised you that, under Obamacare, “You will be able to keep your doctor, and you will be able to keep your health plan.”

    How is that promise working out for you?

  6. Sloan Kettering is an experimental hospital as well. Anyone with any close up experience…. Knows that they have patients sign their lives away all the time on EXPERIMENTAL treatements, because they often have nothing else to offer. And surprisingly many patients agree because they have nowhere else to turn.
    Honestly, I really don’t see the big differerence in trying a non-proven method in NY or in Texas…
    Interestingly, the Burzyinski treatment has been proven to be very succssessful. As a commentor said above, it seems like drug companies are a bit intimidated by it’s success and thereby working overtime to have the FDA not approve it.
    It all boils down to politics and money. Who cares about our health.

  7. This family has been through a lot and has probably done a lot of research on medical options for their son. There’s no harm in signing a petition if they feel this treatment may help. Hopefully, they have good Rabbinical and medical advisors so they pursue treatments that don’t do more harm than good. Hatzlocha and Refuah Shelaima!

  8. I have signed the petition. I am not sure why some people are discussing about how effective the treatment is or is not. I am sure that the parents did their homework and have done all that they can for there child. If this is the option they have chosen then sign the petition and support them in their choice. He should have a refuah shelaima and no child or parent should ever have to make such a choice or deal with such a terrible situation.

  9. i know the Family

    please Daven for Refael Elisha Meir Ben Devorah
    for the Family and the rest of Am Yisroel

    i Believe in Tefilah and medicine
    and Refael Elisha Meir Ben Devorah needs both

    please spread this and Daven for this Family

  10. Steps:

    1: Click the link above

    2: Click the blue button labeled “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”

    3: Fill in your email address , name and zip. and submit by clicking the “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” button

    You will be emailed a link to confirm your account.
    4: Open the email and click the link to confirm

    You will be returned to the website.

    5: Click blue button labeled “SIGN THIS PETITION”


    Pass this on to your friends

    and remember to Daven for Refael Elisha Meir Ben Devorah

    and the rest of AM Yisroel

  11. At the time I’m writing this its already After the White House rejected the Petition. We Jewish People know that we did Our Hishtadlis and the rest is up to Hashem. What we need to do now is to pray to Hashem everyday that “Refal Elisha Meir Ben Devorah” should have a Refua Shleimah. Spread the word! Doctors may give up, We Don’t! Even if a sharp knife is around the neck of a person he shouldn’t lose hope.
    Jews Never Give Up!

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