WATCH: Anti-Vaxxer In Bnei Brak Harasses Schools With Megaphone


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A number of Bnei Brak schools had an unexpected visitor on Tuesday: a Chareidi anti-vaxxer angry about the entry of vaccination programs into Israel’s schools stood outside the schools and yelled anti-vax messages with a megaphone, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

In a video of the man standing outside a Beis Yaakov school, the man could be heard saying, among other things, “Children, don’t allow them to give you these poisonous shots. They cause death. There’s no pandemic, it’s all a bluff.”

He also addressed the school principal: “The children aren’t sick. You’re sick – sick in the head.”

The principal subsequently came out and threatened to call the police. In response, the man said: “Call four police cars. You’re a criminal, you’re abusing helpless children.”

Media advisers Avi Blumenthal and Manny Haddad, who run the Chareidi information branch at the Health Ministry said: “Since the pediatric vaccine campaign began, the anti-vaxxers and disseminators of lies who operated in the background have become public and brutal and act coarsely and violently, attacking parents, teachers, Rabbanim and Gedolei Yisrael.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If the crazy views of the anti vaxxers don’t put their sanity in doubt, their actions should do it! When did our “am navon vechacham” become so primitive?

  2. Tizkeh lemitzvos. I wish I had his zchuyos of doing everything I can to minimize the risk of harm to Yisroel. Now might be a good time to consider homeschooling if gene experiment participation is mandatory in schools?

  3. What’s crazy is giving this vaccine to children. Warning them against it with exaggerated claims is not nearly as crazy as that. The fact that the principal could threaten him with the police for expressing his opinion shows what a dictatorship Israel is.

  4. The disseminators of lies seem to be those who are supporting the cult and wildly hypothesized ‘safe and effective’ determination for this experimental injection. It offers neither legal or financial recourse for adverse effects. It is tobacco science with only greed and manipulative coercion as its modus operandi.

  5. They’re still calling them “anti-vaxxers”! He is NOT anti vaccine, he is anti injecting healthy non-at-risk children with chemicals that the health gurus of the world (WHO, CDC, FDA) agree and admit can hurt them, and will not help them or anyone around them. It is absolute rish’us, what the foolish governments of Israel and other countries are doing, and the world needs more brave people like this fellow to stand up and at least be a voice of semi-sanity.

  6. Wow we have looney Kazooies here in the US as well! I hope they practice blood letting, after all, the gemorroh endorses its use. Forget scientific method, it’s all a lie by big pharma, or is it the left wing government, or was it Bill Gates, and Goerge Soros?

  7. I still did not see people disagreeing with vaccination address the psak by multiple gedolim.

    But the idea to homeschool is sound. Homeschooling in general was at 3% in US before COVID and I think is 11% now. Surely between Covid itself and vaccines, keeping kids at home for a while is the most conservative option. You can look at various online options also rather than doing full homeschooling work by yourself.

  8. Its so convenient that the term “anti vaxer” was coined before this plandemic hit.

    What an ugly slur for people who just believe then and now that the government should have no right to mandate medical procedures, and that parents alone have the right to make medical decisions for their children.

  9. Mindful > What an ugly slur

    This was already discussed in moshalim about a person drilling a hole under his purchased seat in a boat.

    From the public health prospective, there should be no problem if you leave by yourself without vaccine. If you go to public places and facilitate transmission more than others, yo are chayav. I guess, you can say that if you have a community that all together decide not to take prevention measures, then you could do that. But, of course, your community has contacts outside (otherwise, you would not get virus circulating there to begin with).

    From the Jewish prospective, though, Hashem is sending a nisayon and waits for a right response from us. So when some of us ignore His messages, it delays geulah for all of us.

  10. @mindful
    “and that parents alone have the right to make medical decisions for their children.”

    So children should make their own medical decisions?
    Does that make sense?

    Or other people should make the decisions for their own children? Like, I should decide what happens for YOUR children?

    The government should decide? Biden should force you on to what medical procedures your child will do?

    Oh, so you don’t anyone to make the medical decisions for children. So the children can’t have surgery or anything.

    You clearly don’t make any sense. Commenters should think about what they are saying before they post some stupid thing. It just shows how stupid anti-vaxers are.

  11. I find it curious. When Fauci suggests a vaccine mandate to fly, he merits the word “INSANITY” preceding the headline on YWN. But this fellow – clearly a Meshuganeh, going against Daas Torah in Bnei Brak – is headlined blandly, with no opinions injected.
    It’s part of a trend I’ve noticed here. Stateswide news are all editorials, with opinions in the headlines. Whereas the Israeli news desk seems to believe in presenting news as … news.

  12. mobico> . But this fellow – clearly a Meshuganeh, going against Daas Torah in Bnei Brak

    Maybe with Fauci, it is YWN editorial judgment, but here it is pshita and does not need to be repeated to increase our shame

  13. I didn’t read any of the comments. When you have proof of all of the studies and side effects of this vaccine for the next 10 years, then you can state your opinion. Injecting vulnerable children with something that is new, not adequately tested on humans (as all the mice in the lab died in the experiments) and many boys and athletes are getting myocarditis and collapsing, is as inhuman as Mengele’s experiments merely 70 years ago. History repeating itself and we learn nothing from it. Sad.


  15. shomershabbat > Injecting vulnerable children with something that is new, not adequately tested on humans

    But Hashem gave us a hard choice to make: inject a vaccine or inject a new virus that is possibly made by communist scientists. For standard vaccines for low-prevalence diseases, for say every 1,000 people, one might get a disease, but we are vaccinating whole 1,000. Thus, vaccine has to be more than 1,000 times safer than disease. Takes years to prove that. If your kids are at school, the chance of them getting covid infection over a year, is pretty high, say 30% if not more. So, then the question is simple – what is more dangerous – covid or vaccine? Both exercise immune system, but only one also attaches to the lung cells and other organs and destroys them. All research so far on things like myocorditis, shows that covid gives more cases than any of the vaccines for any of the age groups. As to long term effects, again, compare which one would be more dangerous. I am open to the arguments.

    A third choice is to keep kids at home and stay safe yourself. This third choice is really not hard, just requires a little dedication on your side. If you really care about kids and afraid of both above, then this should be your option.