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Serious Indictment Against Chareidi Man Posing as State Inspector

mishtA serious criminal indictment has been filed against a 34-year-old chareidi man who is related to prominent admorim. YWN-ISRAEL recently reported the man was going door-to-door in Beit Shemesh posing as a Health Ministry inspector seeking to determine the suitability of gas masks. He used the façade to gain entry into homes and attack woman.

One victim notified the local Vaad Tznius and they acted on her complaint. They apprehended the man and turned him over to police. Kikar Shabbos reports speaking with a vaad official, who is quoted explaining “we have no mercy on such an individual and we turn him over to police.” He stressed the vaad works to prevent assaults on women and children in the chareidi sector and that they are shluchim of gedolei yisrael.

“We do not have rachmanus in such cases involving a brutal attack. It should be clear to all! These people should be aware we are not going to back them in any way” he concludes.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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