WATCH: Children In Iran Dance At Siyum On Masechtas Sukkah

Siyum Masechtas Sukkah in Tehran.

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Children at the Talmud Torah in Tehran held a siyum after completing Masechtas Succa, celebrating together with the Chief Rabbi of Tehran, HaRav Yehuda Gerami, and other Rabbanim.

HaRav Gerami wrote: “Siyum Mishnayos Masechtas Sukkah as part of the shiurim in the Talmud Torah we established. Chazal say – אם אין גדיים אין תיישים (ויקרא רבא) – if there are no young goats, there won’t be any grown goats.'”

“These ‘young goats,’ b’ezras Hashem, will be ‘grown groats’ – great in Torah – Rabbanim and the leaders of the next generation – and this, amid all the trials and tribulations, is what strengthens me and gives me joy.”

In addition to the Talmud Torah in Tehran, there are kollelim in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan, and HaRav Gerami delivers shiurim (mostly online due to COVID restrictions) in Gemara and halacha, and provides courses in Rabbanus and dayanus.

Siyum Masechtas Sukkah in Tehran.

HaRav Gerami also established an extensive kashrus system, overseeing five kosher restaurants in Tehran and one restaurant each in Shiran and Isfahan.

Siyum Masechtas Sukkah in Tehran.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)