WATCH: Israel’s 1st Snow Begins, Jerusalem Prepares For Light Snow

Snow in the Golan on Wednesday morning (L.) Photos: Limor Holtz, Moaz Golan spokesperson). Snowman in Jerusalem in 2021. (R.)

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Israel’s first snow this winter began to fall in the northern Golan on Wednesday morning and snow accumulated on Har Chermon and in Ein Zivan in the Golan Heights, leading to the closing of many roads and school cancellations.

Weather forecasters predicted a light dusting of snow later on Wednesday in the Galil and center of the country, including possibly in Jerusalem, and a major storm throughout the country that will last through Thursday.

The Jerusalem Municipality opened its command center for inclement weather and is preparing for possible snow and icy roads, with Mayor Moshe Lion, who tested positive for COVID on Wednesday morning, leading the efforts from his home.

There were strong winds and low temperatures throughout the country over the day, and heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected, with flood warnings in coastal areas.

There was already at least one Israeli injured due to the strong winds when a woman suffered an injury to her head after a tree collapsed in the city of Akko.

Photo: MDA footage

The temperature on Wednesday is expected to be 34-41°F (2-6°C) in Jerusalem and 48-54°F (14-10°C) in Tel Aviv.

Snow fell in Jerusalem last winter for the first time since 2013, with up to six inches accumulating in some areas of the city.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)