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IDF Soldier Arrested – Possible Kidnapping Averted

arrestAn IDF soldier is in custody after investigators learned he was profiting from his side business, selling entry permits to residents of PA (Palestinian Authority) areas. Officials point out that he is however fortunate, for they learned the PA residents with whom he was dealing most likely planned to abduct him to use as a negotiating pawn to obtain the release of terrorists in Israeli prisons.

The soldier sold permits permitting PA residents to enter into Green line Israel in exchange for money and drugs. Investigators learned the soldier partied with the PA residents in Tel Aviv clubs, and it is believed they were going to entice him into meeting in a PA area, where they would kidnap him as was the case with soldier Tomer Hazan HY”D.

Dealing with Arab intermediaries, the soldier allegedly profited tens of thousands NIS in addition to an unspecified quantity of drugs. Investigators add that it was not enough for him to sell permits, but he partied with his clients in Tel Aviv too.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. “kidnapped” – did they ever read the “Ransom of Red Chief”

    If he had been kidnapped, would he receive credit for “time served” when he got returned to Israeli control, be it as an exchange of prisoners, or being extradited and deported.
    By the press account, he was guilty of serious offenses under Israeli law, and clearly was ticking off the Palestinians whom he was shaking down for money.

    This is about crime, not terrorism.

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