Why Did Some Israelis Stop Buying Doritos?

Doritos Israel

There have been calls in Israel to stop buying Doritos after the Israeli branch of the company published a video advertisement for Family Day featuring a number of LGBTQ families.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Aryeh King joined the protest, writing: “I’m joining the boycott against those who encourage perversion.”

B’Sheva editor Emmanuel Shilo wrote: “I’m not buying Doritos…a company that sells snacks shouldn’t take sides on controversial ethical issues among its customers. Yahadus only recognizes families comprised of a man and a woman. I won’t interfere in the life of someone who chooses differently but I won’t give my money to a company that uses it to encroach on my values – the values of the Jewish family.”

A social media user wrote: “‘Doritos – remove the cheap politics off the plate or we’ll remove you. I’m not buying any more Doritos until you stop engineering a gender-confused consciousness.”

Srugim, a Dati Leumi website, even published a p’sak from a Dati Leumi Rav that it’s forbidden to buy Doritos in the wake of its campaign publicly supporting issurim forbidden by the Torah.

The Doritos boycott joins prior boycotts against the encroachment of liberal values into Israeli society.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I mean, if the MSG, the carcinogenic preservatives, the ultra-processed ingredients with genetic modifications and traces of glyphosates, if that wasn’t enough, they now encourage abominations as a means of population control just as well. It wasn’t enough that you were eating poison, they needed to throw some abominations in there to get you to stop.

  2. Thank you for bringing that ad to our attention. We did not but this unhealthy product often, but now we will make sure to buy it, at least once in awhile

  3. If an advertiser makes a special effort to tell frum customers that they (the frum customers) are not the type of people we want to sell our product to, what do you think will happen? Retailers who disrespect their customers lose business.

  4. WHEN THEY HAVE EXTRA IN ISRAEL THEY SHIP THE doritos to our kosher supermarkets in the USA.

  5. 1) Green Doritos are the best, purple are gross… don’t argue
    2) I just got bloodwork back so lol I ain’t touching no Doritos no more
    3) Never cared much for this trend of not buying from losers… honestly, their product is awesome so why shoot urself in the foot by not eating it… wtvr, I hear the sevara, just saying I’m not into it…
    4) @Chaylev Halyah: 1) btw what does that name mean? 2) re: your comment above — lollllllllllllllllllll

  6. @NAFTALICOLEMAN: lollllll fat chance… no one gonna boycott Strauss… you nuts…? Silly righteous pseudo-indignation only goes so far… Strauss makes too many goodies lol

  7. If you ever have gotten into bed and you husband/wife kvetches about your late nite snack “Doritos Breath”, perhaps that alone will be sufficient incentive to find a healthier, marriage-friendly alternative such as carrot sticks that won’t result in musar from your dentist.