SOURCES: U.S. State Dept. & Bolivian Government Both Knew Ostreicher Was Being ‘Kidnapped’


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jacobSources with knowledge of the Ostericher case tell YWN that despite the Bolivian Government calling on the U.S. Government to extradite him back to Bolivia, they are doing it only as a show. In fact, our sources tell us that the entire “kidnapping” story which was published, was just a cover up. Even more, is that the U.S. State Department was allegedly in contact with Bolivian officials prior to the “kidnapping”, and he was assisted in his return to the United States directly by the State Dept.

Bolivia’s Justice Minister Cecilia Allyon said in a press conference Tuesday she doesn’t know whether the U.S. government played a role in Ostreicher’s escape. She said Bolivia is alerting Interpol. Allyon said Ostreicher entered Peru illegally and then boarded a U.S.-bound plane on Monday.

Ostreicher is apparently in a safe location on the West Coast (YWN is unable to publish his exact location at this time).

Mr. Ostreicher was arrested in June 2011 by Bolivian authorities in Santa Cruz while overseeing a rice-growing agriculture venture that he had invested in. After being held in the infamous Palmasola prison for more than a year, Mr. Ostreicher had been under house arrest in Bolivia since his release from prison in December. Since then, a number of Bolivian officials have been arrested and charged with participating in an extortion scheme against Mr. Ostreicher. However, despite ample evidence proving his innocence, Mr. Ostreicher continued to be held as his health deteriorates, despite never having been formally charged with breaking any laws.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. This is typical South America. I .lived there a lot of years. Do not t travel before asking USA dept of state about a countries safety. Mt