Two Border Police Officers, Both 19, Murdered In Chadera Attack, ISIS Claims Credit

Border Police officers Yezen Falah (R) and Shirel Abukarat, both 19, were murdered by ISIS terrorists in Hadera on March 27, 2022 (Police)

The two Israelis killed in the Hadera terror attack on Sunday evening were identified as Border Police officers Shirel Ebukarat and Yezen Falah, both 19.

Elbukrat, h’yd, a resident of Netanya who enlisted in the Border Police about half a year ago, left behind her parents and a brother. Falah, a resident of Kisra Sumei, a Druze village in the western Galil, who joined the Border Police a year ago, left behind his parents and two siblings.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement on its Telegram account, as well as for the attack in Be’er Sheva last week.

Four other Border Police officers were wounded in the shootout with the terrorist, ranging from seriously to lightly wounded, as well as seven civilians.

The members of a unit of undercover Border Police officers were eating at a nearby restaurant when the attack occurred and immediately sprung into action, saving many lives. They shot at the terrorists, who returned fire. A gun battle ensued, during which the terrorists were eliminated.

As of Monday morning, five of the wounded remain in the hospital, one of whom is in very serious condition, one in moderate condition, and three in light condition, according to a statement by the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera. Seven people, most suffering from shock, were treated in the emergency room following the attack and were released.

The heinous terrorist were cousins from the Arab city of Umm al-Fahm near Hadera, Ibrahim and Ayman Ighbaria, who were supporters of the Islamic State. Ibrahim was convicted in 2016 for attempting to join the Islamic State group in Syria.

The attack in Hadera occurred only days after the terror attack in Be’er Sheva last week, which was also perpetrated by an Islamic State supporter.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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