INCREDIBLE VIDEO: HaRav Herschel Schachter Allows NOTHING to Get in the Way of His Shiur


Video of a shiur delivered over Zoom by HaRav Herschel Shachter shlit”a has gone viral, after the rav barely stopped for a moment when learning of the birth of a granddaughter.

As Rav Herschel shlit”a was telling over a shtikel torah to the attendees of his shiur, his wife came into the room to inform him that his youngest daughter had just given birth to a baby girl.

Watch his reaction to the news.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


    He was too involved to be able to take the news fully, but to bless all the listeners? That he was able to do right away.

    What’s even more amazing is the timing. As he says the words “There’s a reason to be mafsik…” (one can interrupt), that’s when he was interrupted (almost 🙂

  2. I didn’t chap the chidush rav shechter is a big talmid chacham of course he was uncomfortable that his Shiur was interrupted to tell him that it is disrespectful to a talmid chachom of his caliber to make it like that’s a chidush for him

  3. Frankly, there’s no real story here, in my opinion.
    I know many serious Maggidei shiurim and I don’t know a single one of them who would stop a shiur in the middle because he had a grandchild.

    Now, I’m a different set of circumstances, if the CDC would recommend stopping the Shiur for a dubious health recommendation, some Maggidei Shiurim would continue to give the Shiur nevertheless. And others would stop.

  4. @bob hample1

    I posted a comment in the same thread as someone who’s rebbe in Yeshivas Ohr yisrael in Atlanta Georgia is the new babies father.

  5. The most learned Rov in entire world today, as was his Father זצקללה”ה who was my Rebbe, and is today probably the גדול-הדור following on the events of these past 2 weeks

  6. You would think there was some snowstorm or something like that.

    What is the chiddush? That he didn’t allow his wife’s interruption to stop his shiur?

    Was the expectation that he would stop the shiur and start dancing for the rest of the slot?