CHOMETZ CRISIS: Yamina MK’s Husband: “She Won’t Sell Her Olam Haba”

Shmulik Silman

Following Yamina MK Idit Silman’s ultimatum in the wake of Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz’s order to allow chometz into hospitals on Pesach, her husband spoke out on Monday, sending the crisis spiraling even further.

In an interview on Monday morning on Galei Yisrael, Shmulik Silman made it clear that his wife will not compromise on issues of religion and state, even at the price of the coalition dissolving. “Everyone has red lines,” he said. “Why can’t they show consideration? Someone would enter a mosque with shoes? No. Would pass a law on it? No. You show respect.”

“Idit won’t sell her Olam Haba for any payment,” he said. “You go to a Jew and say: ‘Sell your Olam Haba for money.’ Do you know someone who will agree to that? She made a personal decision – there won’t be a daycare decree, there won’t be a giyur law, and there won’t be a Reform [Kosel] plan, because she’s interested in her Olam Haba.”

The radio host asked: “And if the government breaks apart?”

Silman: “If Idit returns home, she’ll get a great job…it will all be good. Nothing terrible will have happened, it won’t be the end of the world.”

The radio host then asked: “Can you honestly say that Idit didn’t lie to many people, in terms of what she said before the elections and what she did afterward?”

Silman: “I think they committed to things and they [Yamina members] need to apologize. What’s the question at all? Does anyone in the country say they didn’t lie?”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)