An Exclusively Chareidi Charish is a Dream of the Past


charDespite the fact that 1,500 chareidim have purchased apartments in Charish, it is appearing less than likely that the city will be a chareidi city is the hope of the homeowners. It appears that everything possible is being done to prevent Charish from becoming another chareidi city in Israel. There are already many non-frum homeowners living in the city and that number is only expected to grow.

The National Building Appeals Committee on Tuesday 21 Teves accepted an appeal which will compel modifying city building plans. This is based on a petition that stipulates today, Charish is not an exclusively chareidi city, nor is there a chareidi majority, so the plans must be modified to accommodate the growing number of non-frum homeowners and buyers.

Charish residents Chami Bar-Ohr and Noam Hillel are leaders of the “Green Charish” Movement which seeks to make sure the city does not become chareidi. The petition was filed by heir organization, represented by attorney Yishai Schneider. They pointed out to the court that since the city is not exclusively chareidi as planner envisioned, they wish to modify the plans.

Changes will include taller buildings, additional parking spaces including the construction of underground parking lots, additional shopping and entertainment centers and other modifications in line with meeting the needs of a non-chareidi community, using the city of Modi’in as an example.

The petition to the court explains there are thousands of non-chareidi families in Charish today and there is also going to be a substantial dati leumi community in the city. Therefore they call for halting construction based on an exclusively chareidi city and making the necessary modifications to accommodate dati leumi and secular residents too. Bar-Ohr explained to the court that there is no reason

to limit apartment buildings to five stories, calling for construction of seven and eight story apartment buildings to accommodate additional the non-chareidi residents.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Since the Chareidi families are typically larger than then non-frum families, it would make sense to have taller buildings to allow for larger apartments to accommodate more children. I don’t understand why the Chareidim would oppose more parking and shopping options since they also need a place to park their vans and shop for their families. Same for entertainment…unless we are taling about some kind of pritzus, why would they be against movie theatres showing good family movies or bowling alleys or other places they can take their kids.

  2. What does a five story limit have to do with the demographics of the expected population?
    Why should Charedim not want higher buildings?
    Don’t both Kiryat Sefer and Beitar feature higher buildings too?

  3. “There are already many non-frum homeowners living in the city and that number is only expected to grow.”

    So why is that a bad thing? What does anyone think will happen? All the Benei Torah will suddenly go to bars and discotheques? What will happen is those far from the Torah will be brought closer by having to live with Benei Torah.

    There are organizations that organize groups of Benei Torah to go and live in not yet religious areas so as to influence them to come closer to Torah. A Ben Torah has nothing to fear from such people. What must be feared and dealt with are the Erev Rav that has embedded itself in the Torah community that is always seeking to cause conflict between us and our confused brothers. We must avoid and not listen to the fear-mongers and trust in the healing power of Torah.

  4. Given that it is government policy to surpress the hareidi community, it isn’t likely they will want to encourage a community to be primarily hareidi. And the fact that the whole operation relied on government funds means it was dubious from the start.

  5. Taller buildings discourages frum residents from living in those upper floors since they would prefer not to have to climb too many stairs on Shabbos. Once a building is not completely frum you cannot block off that part of town from cars on Shabbos… Etc…

  6. Aryeh Zelasko, you’re right, if they act like Torah Jews are supposed to act. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

    I try to refrain from answering akuperma’s nonsense, but he has obviously not been to Israel, or has seen much, if he has. There are many thriving Chareidi communities, but some people just want to tear down with false propaganda.

  7. All you people don’t understand and will never understand until you come live in Israel for at least 5 years!!!
    You are all such liberal and assimilated Jews, nebach who don’t know of anything better.
    Most neighborhoods in Israel are divided by religion and level of religious observance.
    It’s Israel, not America and it can not be compared to America.

  8. tall buildings discorage the chareidim from buying on their higher floors sice they dont use a shabbos elevator they dont want to walk that high on shabbosim