Gesher Kohanim To Be Rebuilt In Meron

Illustrative. Gesher Dov is dismantled. (Land Enforcement Authority spokesperson)

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Almost two months after it was demolished, Gesher Kohanim in Meron is being rebuilt and is scheduled to be completed in less than a month, prior to Lag B’Omer.

“The new Gesher HaKohanim will extend over hundreds of meters,” a statement from the contractor said. “It is intended to be used by the many Kohanim who want to gather at Rashbi at Meron. The construction of the bridge is being carried out in consultation with poskei halacha and the approval of safety experts.”

The path leading up to the mountain is also undergoing construction and will be expanded and upgraded.

Visitors to Meron on Lag B’Omer will only be allowed to stay at the site for a limited period of time and the same applies to davening inside the tzion itself, which will also be limited. However, for the sake of those who wish to daven for an extended period of time, a tefillah compound – the first of its kind – is being built next to the tzion.

Enormous resources have been invested in recent months in upgrading areas of the site that were deemed unsafe, including strengthening the foundation of the family tents area.

“The considerations that guide us are order and safety, with maximum consideration for the unique characteristics and needs of those who visit the site,” said Meron project manager Tzviki Tessler. “As part of the effort to enable anyone who wants to visit Meron to do so, we are also dealing with halachic and engineering challenges. We are investing resources, time, and thought in these challenges and are producing solutions for the benefit of the public.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)