WATCH: Arabs Chant “Allahu Akbar” On Jerusalem Light Rail


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A group of Arabs began chanting the words “Allahu akbar” on the Jerusalem light rail on Monday morning.

The words “Allahu akbar” which literally mean “G-d is great” are often screamed by terrorists as they perpetrate a terror attack in the “name of Allah.”

A video of the scene was posted by an Arab on TikTok and then made its rounds on Israeli social media. Now14 journalist Yinon Magal posted the video and commented: “The light rail in Jerusalem this morning. They’ve become arrogant. This doesn’t bode well…”

One social media user responded by commenting that he heard an interview on the radio with one of the Jerusalem light rail planners before it was completed. “He explained that it was important for them to plan the light rail to pass through Arab population centers in order to blend the Jewish and Arab populations.”

“And as usual, the one who pays the price is Am Yisrael.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The next “song” they will sing is “ Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud,”,

    ( “Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning,” )

  2. How terrifying for the Yidden on the train. Too bad they didn’t get together and scream Shma Yisroel. Please Hashem, send Moshiach soon so all these evil rashaim will know Hashem Echad U’Shemo Echad!!

  3. This really should offend no one. They are reciting a prayer peacefully. Please, we don’t need to look for reasons to get worked up.

  4. What’s wrong?
    I was once on the 18th Avenue bus and a few bochurim were singing some Carlebach songs. The gentiles didn’t mind and most smiled.
    What the Arabs are chanting isn’t even avodah zara.
    Big deal!!!

  5. Instead of putting down the head, chant with them “Allahu Akbar” God is great.

    Which is true, no lies.
    Suffering is the path to atonement and mistakes are the key.

    Avoid mistakes, that leads to salvation.

    Hashem hu haelokim, hashem hagebor!

    Love you.

  6. They are literally just saying “Hashem is Great”. Nu nu? As long as it is peaceful, it is no more than a prayer at best and a nuisance at worst.

  7. Some of you are scarily clueless. The phrase means god is GREATER (than yours) and unlike shma lihavdil elef havdalos it is a battle cry against infidels. This does not bode well or yidden (or other non-muslims.

  8. To all those positive niceys amongst us, what they are chanting isnt so problematic, the problem is whats associated with that chant ie; commiting terror before or after or during

  9. Um, so I think some people here need to consider what “implied aggression” means.

    Also, this isnt some sort of “prayer service” where they are peacefully performing their prayers.
    This is a seemingly “random”, though obviously organized, outburst of “territorial marking”.

    Terrorism doesnt have to be violent to terrorize.

  10. all u liberals trying to justify this grossness… imagine it was YOU on that light rail…!!!! would u do all the things u guys are suggesting ex chant along???? just some food for thought; just the way the tiktoker is zooming in to the 1 Jew on the train is creepy…