SECOND Sabotage Attempt: Extremists Caught On Way To Meron With Wire Cutters, Utility Knives


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Following an undercover operation, Israel Police officers thwarted two attempts in less than 24 hours to sabotage valuable infrastructure at Meron.

On Wednesday, police officers stopped two minibusses on the way to Meron and arrested three minors who were caught with wire cutters, utility knives, and spray paint inside their tefillin bags. The minors are suspected of planning to use the above items to sabotage the electrical and communications infrastructure at Meron, including the huge screens that were set up at the site at a cost of millions of shekels.

On Wednesday evening, police officers stopped a minibus and arrested a number of [adult] extremists after finding bags in their possession with wire cutters, utility knives, and paint. A number of minibusses carrying extremists were ordered to turn around and travel home.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I have a funny feeling, that if you ask a true sincere Chassid, what should be the punishment for these extremist, he would say that you should use these exact wire cutters and cut off their Peiyos, because these guys are fake Chassidim.

  2. Tzadikim. RASHI and Rabbenu TAM Tefillin. Absolutely out of there mind . Huge Chillul Hashem in the eyes of the non frum world. No wonder they hate us. In my humble opinion they should use the wire cutters to cut all the fingers of these thugs.

  3. It is unlikely that MLK was the original source of “one man’s terrorist.”
    (He may not have been an actual source, either.)

  4. The chilul hashem that keeps happening over & over & unfourtantley people putting comments dont realize, that YWN has a greater part in the chilul hashem by posting theses news which is public and with every negative comment people write here “how big chilul hashem it was” that itself is part of the chilul hashem.

  5. ppl just dont know what is going on
    the chilonim in eretz just dont like the frum ppl and hate them and when it comes to control such a place they doing it with so much hate and zero respect
    they are trying to take over meron and this is the big problem
    this is the only way show them their way out

  6. All these people you call extremists!
    Hear something you did not know!
    They (yes almost all of them) lived in the Land of Israel before the wicked state took over the Holy Land.
    They are fighting against the continued takeover of the horrible state and police

  7. @Ben Adam4

    No, these people are at most descendants of people that were living in Palestine before the State. Oddly, you seem to be completely oblivious to what happened last year. The state has a compelling interest in controlling and coordinating safety for this event. Stop presenting your one sided distorted picture. If the Chareidim would have had been more responsible in the past for coordinating Meron this would never have happened.