Beit Shemesh, Ma’ale Adumim Ban Entry Of Arabs With M-16 Shirts

Arab toddlers in a municipal park in Afula wearing M-16 shirts. An Arab worker in Beit Shemesh wearing an M-16 shirt.

Chareidi reporter Ariel Elharar posted a photo on Wednesday morning of an Arab in Beit Shemesh wearing an M-16 shirt, writing: “A worker at a construction site of the Beit Shemesh municipality with a shirt expressing solidarity with terrorists. Disturbing.”

Elharar tagged Beit Shemesh mayor Aliza Bloch on his post. Later on Wednesday, Bloch retweeted the photo, stating: “The director-general of the municipality Yochanan Mali will immediately investigate the incident. The worker is not in the city, he was there to drop off construction materials.”

“The director-general will clarify to all building contractors that we will not allow entry to any workers with displays of terrorism such as these. This order will be conveyed to all work sites in the city.”

In Ma’ale Adumim, a number of Arabs were sent home last week after coming to work wearing M-16 shirts.

The mayor of the city Benny Kasriel ordered the city’s security services to ban the entry of Arabs wearing any shirts or other items that support terrorism.

“We will show zero tolerance for any signs of support for terrorism,” he said. “We have already let go of several workers.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Someone should tell the Arabs that there is truly a better way than these violent forms of expression. Like, they should make shirts with a pic of a vax syringe on them. That genetic experimental shot is a less violent, less controversial way to defeat the occupation regime than any M-16’s, plus some sheep actually would think they’re sincerely, benevolently advocating for the vax. Ever notice that the sheep who believe in the regime also believed in the vax? There’s a perfect correlation. Not a single one who distrusts the regime trusted the vax. Just imagine a world inhabited only by those who thought it was a bad idea to tattoo their genes permanently with some mystery proprietary substance grown from the corpse of a murdered fetus. That’s the kind of world I want to live in. Also, just a helpful trick I wish I could share with the Arabs, if you really dislike someone, you should just find out that they got vaxed. Like, all my enemies got vaxed. It’s such a relief to me to know so. If the Arabs only understood the efficacy of the vax, they’d realize that just about every magvnik (mishmar hagvul) that every battered them without reason, every shabasnik (sheirut batei sohar) that ever searched their cavity necessarily or deprived them of sleep or serve them food with bugs etc, every judge that ever overlooked exculpatory evidence or kept them detained in deplorable conditions, every shabaknik (shin bet) that ever “enhanced interrogated” (tortured) them, every journalist that ever libeled em, they’re all likely awaiting their spike proteins to clog em up for good… If every Arab burning for revenge understood the situation, they’d never have a motive to shoot em up. They’d reason it’d be a waste to go after dead men walking. Instead, Arabs could just rest assured knowing that their enemies already got the doses they deserved, and the rest of us then could rest assured that the Arabs are at rest.

  2. Let’s hope thos momentum by our Palestinian neighbors will bring the destruction of the nazi anti-Jewish Zionist regime.

    It’s time to revolt the state of isreal

  3. if we were doing things properly and had a jewish Melech, we would execute any arab who comes in to any neighborhood wearing a shirt like that. they clearly support the murder of jews.

    but because unfortunately we don’t have moshiach yet, we should instead be permanently revoking their entry permits… which is something the IL govt won’t even do…

    rashoim these people are… the IL govt… totally immoral