EXCLUSIVE: Stark Family: Remember Menachem The Father, The Human Being Praised By All



For the family of Menachem Stark, nothing more can can be done to honor his name than highlighting the good deeds that were done on his behalf to assist his tenants and help those in need.

In an interview with YWN, Stark’s brother-in-law Abraham Buxbaum touched on some facts that were raised in the media reporting about the various acts Mr. Stark was involved in. “Everyone knows the real estate market went through some difficult times over the past few years. Menachem was a very tough, shrewd and hard working businessman using every legal tool possible to hold on to his investments,” he said. “He was never arrested or found guilty of doing of doing anything wrong. Putting this on the front page [of the NY Post] is almost like saying this was justified.”

Buxbaum pointed to GM (General Motors) as an example of getting away with billions of dollars of taxpayers money as relief, without paying their life for it, as it would be suggested by the nature of the NY Post front cover.

From a landlord/Tenant perspective, Buxbaum said Mr. Stark Z”L had around 1000 residential apartments that mounts up to thousands of tenants. “It is almost physically impossible to have all tenants praise their landlord. As if the NY Post would have the decency to question a fair amount of tenants, they would hear many praising Menachem as a landlord,” he asserted.

As a matter of fact, one of the tenants voluntarily approached one of the media outlets on Sunday to praise the slain businessman as one of the best landlords.

“There’s always two sides to every story. The NY Post was attacking a person that was not able to defend himself,” Buxbaum told YWN. “It is not right, actually disgusting.”

The Stark family says they expect from the NY Post not only to apologize but to acknowledge the mistake done on their behalf to grant their readers only one side of the story, and report about the real Menachem Stark.

The family is exploring various options to deal with the negative reporting, including considering of suing the Post, Buxbaum said.

Buxbaum said he spoke last to Menachem on Thursday at 5pm and didn’t sense at all that these were his last days.

“Menachem was the most loving father. He was their for his children the maximum humanly possible,” Buxbaum noted of Menachem Stark Z”L, in remembering his soul. “He took advantage of every opportunity to spent quality time with them. This is what Menachem should be remembered as, a legacy he unfortunately couldn’t fulfill in full.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Noticing the post yesterday made me feel like we are living in the Nazi Germany WW2 era. Horrible! Discusting! Shameful! Selfish! YMS!


  2. Yes “Step Aside” this is pre-war Germany… but just as we were oblivious then we are oblivious now… we must get out while we still can…