Update on Former PM Ariel Sharon


sharon.jpg11:03 AM IL: Prof. Ze’ev Rothstein, medical director of Tel Hashomer Medical Center in Tel Aviv a short time ago that the condition of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon continues to deteriorate. Rothstein explained that while he reported yesterday at the same time that Sharon’s heart rate and function stabilized, the same cannot be said about his other vital bodily functions. Rothstein says that while his blood pressure is stable, Sharon’s other vital bodily functions are deteriorating and his condition is critical and death may be imminent.

Rothstein stated that in his expert medical opinion, the former prime minister’s condition “worsens daily not hourly” and if there is not miraculous change, this will not continue for too long.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. compare that to (l’havdil) rav elyashiv zt”l, where the world – including the kfira-oriented medical world – witnessed miracle after miracle

  2. It would be nice to see updates on the innocent families forced out of thier beautiful homes & buisnesses in Gush K & other places by the Government at that time.
    How are they all managing? It must have been very traumatic for them as it was for thier brotherly soldiers on order to get them out & the rest of the world watching all that unfold.